Commonwealth Performance Framework

This page covers non-financial performance of Commonwealth entities and companies.  

It is relevant to people in Commonwealth entities and companies who are responsible for planning, measuring and reporting on performance, including in Corporate Plans and Annual Reports.

What is the Commonwealth Performance Framework?

Commonwealth entities and companies must report on how the entity’s or company’s performance, in achieving its purposes, will be measured and assessed.

The performance measures developed by Commonwealth entities and companies should have regard to the entity’s or company’s operating environment, organisational capability and risks, and meet any requirements specified by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 (PGPA Rule). 

Performance planning and reporting should draw clear links between the entity’s key activities and the results achieved and provides meaningful performance information with a clear line of sight between planned and actual performance. This allows a reader (including the Parliament) to assess the extent to which an entity’s or company’s intended results were achieved and the factors that affected performance.

Commonwealth Performance Framework

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