Lands Acquisition Framework (RMG 501)

RMG-501 has been updated to include reference to newly developed guidance on section 40 (6) of the LAA – a copy can be found under the Tools and templates section on the Acquisition page. For further information, please contact LAA.


This guidance provides an overview of the policies that guide the Lands Acquisition Framework (the Framework), including obligations on officials.

Key points

  • The Lands Acquisition Act 1989 (LAA) is the key legislation used by the Commonwealth to acquire and dispose of interests in land to support the delivery of Government priorities, services and outcomes.
  • The LAA defines interests in land broadly. This means that transactions involving interests in land have a wider meaning under the LAA than simply purchasing or selling land and include other property transactions such as leasing office space, licences and easements.
  • The LAA applies to all non-corporate Commonwealth entities (NCEs) and corporate Commonwealth entities (CCEs), unless otherwise exempt. Entities must follow their legal obligations under the LAA and are responsible for ensuring compliance.
See the Lands Acquisition Regulations 2017 for exempt authorities (entities). There are also some entities which are exempt from the LAA under their enabling legislation rather than the Lands Acquisition Regulation 2017.

NCEs must comply with the Framework when undertaking transactions requiring authorisation under the LAA. CCEs that are exempt should strongly consider referring to the Framework, including referenced policies and procedures, which are consistent with good practice.


Related resources including relevant legislation, policies and glossary terms are located in the right hand menu.


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