Consideration of Broader Economic Benefits in Procurement - Public Consultation

The Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) place a requirement on officials to consider the economic benefit of a procurement to the Australian economy in the context of determining value for money for higher value procurements.

The Department of Finance has published guidance to support the consideration of economic benefits during procurement activities. 

The Department is seeking to further update and strengthen the guidance, where possible, to support both procuring officials and suppliers with the practical implementation of the requirements relating to economic benefits, while staying within the boundaries of our international government procurement commitments.

A short paper has been prepared outlining changes the Department is exploring making to the revised guidance. The Department is inviting comments on the proposed changes, as well as seeking suggestions for additional improvements that could be considered. 

Feedback should be sent via email to by 5 pm, Wednesday 3 July 2024. To ensure submissions are accessible, please submit responses in Word or PDF format.



Public Consultation - Consideration of Broader Economic Benefits in Procurement



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