Consideration of Broader Economic Benefits in Procurement - Public Consultation Closed

Please note the 1 July 2024 CPRs implement a range of changes that may not be reflected throughout all currently available guidance materials. The Department of Finance is in the process of updating all guidance materials. Until this process is complete, references to CPR paragraph numbers and footnotes may be inaccurate.

The Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) place a requirement on officials to consider the economic benefit of a procurement to the Australian economy in the context of determining value for money for higher value procurements.

The Department of Finance has existing guidance to support the consideration of economic benefits during procurement activities. 

The Department is seeking to further update and strengthen the guidance, where possible, to support both procuring officials and suppliers with the practical implementation of the requirements relating to economic benefits, while staying within the boundaries of our international government procurement commitments.

Public consultation on updating the guidance opened on 4 June 2024 and closed on 3 July 2024. The consultation paper is available in the download section. The Department thanks those who provided submissions on the guidance for their time and valuable feedback.

The Department will consider the issues raised through the consultation process to inform the development of updated guidance on the Consideration of Broader Economic Benefits in Procurement. Updated guidance will be published later in 2024. 



Public Consultation - Consideration of Broader Economic Benefits in Procurement



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