Duty to keep your responsible Minister and the Finance Minister informed

Duties of accountability. Keep your Minister informed. Minister to inform Parliament of certain events.

As an accountable authority, section 19 of the PGPA Act requires that you assist your minister in discharging their duties of accountability to the Parliament and the public. This includes that you:

  • keep your minister informed of the activities of the entity and any subsidiaries
  • provide your minister and the Finance Minister with any reports, documents and information they require about those activities
  • notify your minister of any significant decision you make about the entity or any of its subsidiaries
  • give your minister reasonable notice of any significant non-compliance with the finance law that may affect your entity or any of its subsidiaries, with a copy provided to the Finance Minister
  • notify your minister if you become aware of any significant issue that has affected the entity or any of its subsidiaries.

You may also need to advise your minister of their responsibilities under the PGPA Act.

For example, when your minister:

  • approves a proposed expenditure, or
  • is required to inform parliament about an entity’s involvement in a company.

PGPA Act section 72: Minister to inform Parliament of certain events

Your responsible Minister also has responsibilities under the PGPA Act which you should make them aware of. Section 72 of the PGPA Act requires that the responsible Minister informs the Parliament of the Commonwealth's or a prescribed entity's involvement in a company, or in one of the events listed under section 72.

Finance have developed a template for ministers to inform Parliament. This is available under Tools and templates.

When tabling a section 72 notice, a copy should be provided to the Department of Finance at PGPA@finance.gov.au.

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