Corporate plans for Commonwealth entities (RMG 132)


This guide will help officials in Commonwealth entities (non-corporate and corporate Commonwealth entities) who assist the accountable authority to prepare their corporate plan.


Key Points

This guide outlines:

  • the content requirements for preparing a corporate plan

  • the presentation and publication requirements

  • how to vary a corporate plan.

The accountable authority of a Commonwealth entity must prepare a corporate plan for the entity at least once each reporting period.
The corporate plan must be published on the entity’s website by the last day of the second month of the reporting period for which the plan is prepared, unless the entity's enabling legislation states a different period.

evaluation methods

A copy of the entity's corporate plan must be given to the responsible Minister and the Finance Minister as soon as practicable after it is prepared and before it is published on the entity's website. To meet the requirement to give the corporate plan to the Finance Minister a copy of your corporate plan should be sent to the Department of Finance at Entities do not need to send a copy of the corporate plan to the Office of the Finance Minister directly.

Related resources including the appendix, related guidance, links and the PGPA Act and Rule are located in the right hand menu under Tools and templates.

Corporate plan requirements for Commonwealth companies is covered by RMG-133 Corporate plan for Commonwealth companies.

Appendix 1: List of requirements template

Appendix 1 provides a template list of requirements which is aimed at assisting entities in demonstrating adherence with the requirements of the PGPA Rule. Entities may choose to develop their own approach or use only part of this template. This appendix is available under Tools and templates.


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