Topics covered in this section of the guide:

  • Domestic accommodation
  • Arranging accommodation  
  • Public Works Committee reviews
  • States and Territories

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Domestic office accommodation

The Commonwealth Property Management Framework (the Framework) supports the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013  and supplements Division 1 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

The Framework establishes a foundation for achieving value for money and promotes efficient, effective, economical and ethical management of owned and leased Commonwealth property in Australia, including external territories. Provisions within the Framework are mandatory for all
non-corporate Commonwealth entities and will apply to any new non-corporate Commonwealth entities.

The Property Services Coordinated Procurement Arrangements are a whole-of-government coordinated procurement arrangement that cover leasing and facilities management services for Commonwealth domestic office accommodation and shopfronts. These Arrangements are one example of the requirements of the Commonwealth Property Management Framework.

Corporate Commonwealth entities may opt in to the Arrangements, subject to the approval of the Department of Finance. Please contact to discuss if you would like to be included.


Arranging accommodation for a new entity

Your first step to arranging accommodation for a new entity is to contact the Department of Finance. It is important to engage early so that Finance can work with new entities to identify specific property related requirements, including any relevant leasing arrangement and arrange for a Property Service Provider to be assigned to your entity.

The Property Service Provider will be assisted by the Commonwealth’s Strategic Property Adviser, who will help to ensure that your leases are aligned with the Commonwealth Leasing Strategy. The purpose of this Strategy is to ensure value for money outcomes are achieved through property and leasing.

Please email to commence this process, and include your relevant Portfolio Agency Advice Unit at Finance in this communication.  


Key Tasks





Contact Finance to arrange accommodation for your new entity.

To discuss the entity's property requirements and to have a Property Services Provider assigned.

Commonwealth Procurement Rules

Commonwealth Leasing Strategy

Department of Finance


Public Works Committee Consideration

Public works, including office fit-outs, which meet relevant thresholds may be subject to oversight and evaluation by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works.

For further guidance on the applicable thresholds or details about this process, please refer to the Public Works Committee Procedure Manual.

The Department of Finance (Finance) is responsible for administering the Public Works Committee Act 1969 on behalf of the Minister for Finance. Finance is responsible for referring works, preparing expediency motions and exemptions. Please contact for assistance.

The Committee is supported by a secretariat, staffed by the Department of the House of Representatives. The secretariat is responsible for all liaison and coordination of Committee activities. The secretariat is the first point of contact for all inquiries related to the Committee. PWC secretariat contact details: (02) 6277 4636 or


States and Territories

There may be State and Territory laws and requirements applicable to you in arranging your entity’s accommodation and you should consult with the appropriate authority.

You may find the following information on the relevant State and Territory Building Administrations useful.


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