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Data and Digital Ministers Meeting (DDMM) drives effective intergovernmental cooperation on national data and digital priorities for smarter service delivery and improved policy outcomes for all Australians.

Strategic Priorities

Ministers are responsible for overseeing the development of Australia’s public data and digital capability by identifying best practice across jurisdictions and pursuing areas for collaboration.

Ministers investigate barriers to digital integration and data sharing within and across Commonwealth, state and territory governments. DDMM’s annual work plan focuses on three strategic priorities:

  • delivering a secure, convenient, voluntary and inclusive Digital ID experience for citizens
  • reforming cross-jurisdictional data and digital platforms, services and protocols
  • transforming services around life events.

Under Australia’s Federal Relations Architecture, DDMM may be tasked with National Cabinet priorities.

Membership and Operations

The Chair of DDMM is the Commonwealth Minister for data and/or digital matters. DDMM comprises one ministerial representative responsible for data and or digital matters from each Australian jurisdiction and New Zealand.

DDMM meets on a quarterly basis with additional meetings as necessary.

Attendance of officials is limited to those immediately advising member Ministers (one official or one official each for data and digital matters). Additional Ministers, Senior Officials and/or expert advisers may be invited to attend to support effective meetings and cross-portfolio collaboration and consultation subject to approval from the chair.

Decisions are made by ministerial consensus wherever possible. Decisions regarding nominations for the National Data Sharing Work Program are made on a majority basis. Ministers will consult relevant ministerial bodies on policy issues prior to any agreement to projects under its National Data Sharing Work Program.

Workplan and reporting

DDMM reviews and agrees a workplan annually.

DDMM reports to National Cabinet on its workplan and on any National Cabinet tasking as required.


The Commonwealth Department of Finance provides secretariat support and can be contacted at ddmm@finance.gov.au.

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