GovLink is a cost-effective solution to enable secure communication between Commonwealth entities across public infrastructure.

GovLink (formerly FedLink) provides secure, encrypted and trusted communication across the internet. This allows the Commonwealth to transmit and receive information up to the security classification of PROTECTED.

Following an open tender procurement, Finance has appointed Verizon Australia Pty Ltd to build, maintain and support GovLink for an initial period of four years with potential extensions, at Finance’s discretion, to a maximum term of 10 years.

On 15 April 2004, the Australian Government directed all Financial Management and Accountability (FMA) agencies to protect their data transmissions by using FedLink or an equivalent protection system.

GovLink uses authenticated, encrypted links between participating entities to create a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) across the internet. An accredited certificate authority provides digital certificates and the public key infrastructure necessary for a scalable and manageable VPN. GovLink is designed to allow government entities to securely share information conveniently and cost effectively.

GovLINK is an effective method to meet ISM requirements for encryption of information in transit.

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