Describe initiatives support the reuse of data through common standards of metadata that enables discoverability of data assets.

Metadata Attribute Standards (Office of the National Data Commissioner)

The ONDC Metadata Attributes Guide was developed to aid agencies that are considering data inventory uplift work. A set of 26 metadata attributes was developed by the Data Champions Network in 2021, including 10 core attributes which are critical for data management and 16 additional attributes to further support the discovery and use of data assets.

Data Quality Framework (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

The ABS Data Quality Framework provides the standards for assessing and reporting on the quality of statistical information. It can also assist you with the development of statistical collections to produce high quality outputs. The ABS DQF is based on the Statistics Canada Quality Assurance Framework and the European Statistics Code of Practice. It consists of seven dimensions of quality: institutional environment, relevance, timeliness, accuracy, coherence, interpretability, and accessibility.

Geographic Information Metadata (Geoscience Australia)

Geoscience Australia has developed a profile (GA Profile) of the ISO 19115:2014 Geographic Information metadata standard. The GA Profile is designed to support the documentation and discovery of Geoscience Australia datasets and other resources in our catalogue, as well as the data management and sharing requirements within the agency.

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