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QBT Pty Ltd (QBT) is the sole provider of Travel Management Services (TMS) to the Australian Government.

Travellers and Travel Bookings should refer to their entity's Travel Policies, Accountability Authority Instructions (AAIs) and any other internal guidance before making bookings or using QBT's service.


Under the Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) TMS arrangement, QBT provides the following products and services to participating entities:

  • Booking services for air travel, hotel, bus, sea, rail and car rental
  • Special booking services, including charter flights and group bookings
  • Ground transport services, including chauffeur and limousine reservations
  • 24/7 support for travellers, bookers and Entity Travel Teams
  • A VIP program
  • Passport, visa and immigration assistance
  • Entity travel reporting
  • Automated management of airline credits (Tickets in Credit)
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to ICT specialists, who can integrate QBT's applications with entity systems (e.g. expense management, human resource management and financial management systems)
  • Online and face-to-face training regarding the use of QBT's systems and services.


Initial Term

Exercised Extensions


Remaining Extensions

1 July 2015
4 Years
1 x 2 Years
30 June 2021
1 x 1 Year

Due to the commercially sensitive information contained within the Deed (e.g. pricing, service levels etc.), the Deed is securely stored on GovTEAMS within the 'WoAG travel Arrangements' community. Access to this community is limited to members of the Travel Teams within participating entities. To request access to this community, contact the WoAG Travel Team.

QBT Portal

QBT's Portal provides participating entities with access to a range of tools and resources to assist in the management of entity travel programs. The Portal can be accessed by visiting QBT's homepage and entering your login credentials. Depending on the Portal permissions granted within each entity users will have access to the following features:

  • Profile Management
    The Portal is integrated with QBT's Profile Management System, allowing authorised users to create, edit and delete traveller profiles.
  • Access to the Online Booking Tool (OBT)
    The Portal provides a single-sign-on connection to cytric, allowing authorised users to access the OBT without additional login credentials. cytric's features and functionality is discussed in more detail below.
  • Access to travel documents
    Itineraries and invoices for all bookings, either made online via cytric or offline with a QBT consultant, are stored within the Portal. Authorised users can access and download all current and historic travel documents.
  • Access to travel reporting
    QBT's reporting tool is accessible to authorised users via the Portal. Shortly after a booking is made or changed, the related travel data is uploaded into the reporting tool, allowing Entity Travel Teams near-instant access to examine their entity's travel spend and booking behaviours.
  • Travel alerts and QBT updates
    QBT use the Portal to post information about events and incidents that could impact entity's travel, such as system enhancements or outages, natural disasters and airport closures. Entities can also use to Portal to post information internally to Travel Bookers and Travellers within their entity.
  • Training and support
    The Portal's 'Knowledge Centre' contains a variety of training material. Information is available in several formats, including short videos, clue cards and downloadable PDFs, and covers the following topics:
    • Navigating the Portal
    • Making and managing bookings in cytric
    • Creating and editing profiles
    • Accessing invoices and itineraries

The Portal also includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and allows users to submit feedback to specific areas of QBT.

Booking Options

Travel bookings can be created and managed through the WoAG TMS arrangements two ways:

  • Online via QBT's Online Booking Tool (cytric)
    QBT, through their Portal, provides participating entities access to their OBT, cytric. Travel Bookers are encouraged to use cytric wherever possible, as this booking method is the most efficient way to book and manage travel.
  • Offline (email or phone) through a QBT consultant
    QBT's team of experienced travel consultants are available via phone and email to assist Travel Bookers with more complex travel requirements, such as international travel with multiple destinations, group bookings and bookings for travellers with special requirements. Each participating entity has a dedicated 1300 phone number to access QBT's call centre. Visit the Contacts page for more information about contacting QBT.

Online Booking Tool - cytric

QBT's OBT, cytric, allows users to book domestic and international travel – including air travel, accommodation and car rental - without the involvement of a QBT consultant. cytric allows bookings for up to nine passengers, travelling to six or less destinations. The OBT is the preferred booking method as it is the most efficient way to book and manage travel.


QBT provide participating entities access to a reporting tool, which is available through the Portal. This tool provides entities near-instant access to view and manipulate data relating to their travel program. Access to QBT's reporting tool is managed by Entity Travel Teams.

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