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Comcover International SOS

International SOS is the Commonwealth's contracted overseas medical and travel assistance (OMTA) provider for employees of Comcover Fund Members.  Comcover Fund Members include all entities within the General Government Sector.

International SOS works from more than 700 locations in 70 countries to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  International SOS offers a worldwide network of assistance centres, clinics and health providers, local expertise, preventative advice and emergency assistance during critical illness, accident or civil unrest.

Guide to International SOS services - Travel bookers, travel managers and travellers are encouraged to access the resources provided by International SOS prior to undertaking travel. Visit for more information.

International SOS Assistance App – a downloadable application for compatible iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobile devices, which includes contacts for help, advice and support while you are overseas.

If you have any queries please contact the Comcover team at or call 1800 651 540 or visit


Smart Traveller

The Smart Traveller website hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website states; tex

"Whether you are travelling overseas to visit family, as a tourist, for business or to live, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade encourages you to register your plans with Smart Traveller before you leave Australia. The registration information you provide will help DFAT to contact or find you in an emergency - whether it is a natural disaster, civil disturbance or family emergency. It may also be used to pass other information to you such as important travel advice updates, notice of elections and information on other matters relevant to travellers and expatriates."

Your information is strictly protected by the Privacy Act 1988 . To ensure this information is kept safe during transmission the Department uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Firewall technology.


Travel Insurance for Official Travel

Comcover provides travel insurance for persons whose travel has been authorised by a Fund Member entity.  The insurance cover for authorised travel includes baggage and personal effects within Australia and overseas and also covers necessary medical expenses incurred overseas.

Any person arranging travel should speak to the person responsible for their entity's insurance program to ascertain details of the travel insurance provided through Comcover and to submit any claims that might arise under the travel cover.

The current terms and conditions for travel insurance are available for perusal on the Comcover website.  Please note that the Statement of Cover is reviewed annually to reflect the needs of Fund Member entities, so the terms of cover may change from time to time.


Diplomatic and Official Passports

The Diplomatic and Official Passports website is hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the website states;

"Diplomatic and Official passports are issued only to people conducting diplomatic and official government business, and are restricted to people in specific categories and roles.  Diplomatic and Official passports are issued to facilitate the travel of people who are employed by or acting on behalf of the Australian government. Diplomatic and Official passports, in themselves, do not confer on the holder any special privileges or rights. Individual countries may confer, at their discretion, certain rights to holders of Diplomatic and Official passports".

For further information on Diplomatic and Official Passports, please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website

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