Ministerial Communications Network (MCN)

MCN is a secure telecommunications system, delivering voice, video, and document transfer (fax) up to and including the security classification of SECRET, for use by Ministers and other Government entities.

The MCN service comprises supply, installation and maintenance of equipment to enable connection to MCN at nominated locations nationwide. The MCN also provides the backbone communications system for the National Telepresence System, and other agency data carriage services at the security classification of SECRET.

The MCN has 68 sites in the ACT and 87 interstate sites that cover most of Australia from as far south as Hobart to as far north as Darwin, and from Perth to the east coast.

The service features:

  • delivery and installation of secure telecommunications and networking equipment
  • a review of capacity of lead in cables, circulators and downstream infrastructure, manage the connections between required connection points.
  • service and equipment quotation and time estimation
  • relocation service for all equipment to a new site.

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