Data Champions Network

The Data Champions Network (DCN) brings together Chief Data Officers and senior leaders from across the Australian Public Service (APS) acknowledged as the key contact from their agencies for implementing the APS-wide data agenda. 

DCN shares information, showcases best data practices, and provides a communication channel for data related matters. 

All members of the DCN are expected to: 

  • embed the Data and Digital Government Strategy in their agency
  • promote use, sharing, re-use and open access of public data within their organisations, across the APS and with others outside the APS
  • promote and implement innovative data related initiatives, in line with identified strategic priorities, within the organisation and the APS 
  • provide input to senior leaders’ data governance groups such as the Deputy Secretaries Data Group regarding potential opportunities to collaborate across the APS on common data collection, management and use issues, as well as opportunities to improve data workforce capabilities and data literacy across the APS.

Contact Us

Secretariat for the Data Champions Network is provided by the Data Policy and Assurance Branch in the Department of Finance. 

The Secretariat can be contacted on

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