Role of Finance

Communications Branch

The Communications Branch is responsible for:

  • Whole-of-Government coordination of government communication campaigns;
  • providing advice to the relevant Ministers relating to the framework for information and advertising campaigns;
  • advising entities whether information and advertising campaigns are subject to certification and endorsement per the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns;
  • providing specialist advice and assistance to Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities undertaking information and advertising campaigns;
  • providing advice and assistance to Participants undertaking recruitment, tender and public notice advertising;
  • managing access to the government advertising arrangement by Authorised Organisations;
  • managing the Universal McCann contract, including the coordination of Customer Satisfaction Surveys and annual performance audits;
  • managing the Whole-of-Government Government Communications Campaign Panel (GCCP), including the coordination of Customer Satisfaction Surveys;
  • managing the Whole-of-Government campaign evaluation contract;
  • liaising with entities in relation to contractual aspects of government advertising;
  • administering the policies associated with recruitment and tender notice advertising;
  • managing the Whole-of-Government points of contact database; and
  • coordinating Whole-of-Government advertising forums.

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