Whole of Australian Government Procurement

Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) Arrangements are arrangements set up for Commonwealth entities to use when procuring certain types of goods or services. These are either coordinated or cooperative procurements, and generally result in contracts or standing offer (panel) arrangements.

Coordinated Arrangements

Coordinated arrangements are mandatory for most Commonwealth entities to use. A list of mandatory coordinated arrangements that currently exist is below.

If you have questions about a particular arrangement, you should direct your questions to the contact listed in the Standing Offer Notice (SON) on AusTender or detailed in the links below.


Good or Service SON ID on AusTender Link to more information



Whole-of-Australian-Government Travel Services

Air Services


Car Rental Services


Travel and Related Card Services


Travel Management Services



Good or Service SON ID on AusTender Link to more information

Campaign Evaluation Market Research Services

SON3521089 Campaign Evaluation

Government Advertising

SON3502507 Whole-of-Australian Government Advertising Arrangement

For the provision of Whole of Government Campaign Advertising Services

Legal Services

SON3622041 Purchasing Legal Services

Management Advisory Services

SON3751667 Management Advisory Services

Motor Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management

SON1142512 Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management
People Panel SON3897769

Finance is establishing a new coordinated procurement arrangement for Recruitment and Search Services, Labour Hire Services and Contractor Services.

See People Panel for further information.

Property Services Coordinated Procurement

SON3460620 Property Services Coordinated Procurement

Stationery and Office Supplies

SON3441473 The Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS II) Panel


Good or Service SON ID on AusTender Link to more information

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Arrangement

SON3588479 Amazon Web Services Arrangement

Concur Products and Services

SON3482463 SAP and Concur Arrangements

Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel

SON2402841 Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel

Hardware Marketplace Panel

SON3541738 Hardware Marketplace Panel

IBM Arrangement

SON3520963 Buying IBM products and services
Major Office Machines SON3390763

Major Office Machines Arrangement II (MOMS II)

ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel (ICT Hardware Panel)

SON3295723 Buying ICT Hardware

Microsoft Volume Sourcing (VSA) Arrangement 4

SON3615953 Microsoft Volume Sourcing Arrangement 4
Oracle Products and Services SON3726074

Oracle Arrangement

Mobile Panel

SON2589631 Mobile Panel
Rimini Street Arrangement SON3660909

Rimini Street Arrangement

SAP Products and Services


SAP Arrangements

Telecommunication Marketplace Panel

SON3713272 Telecommunications Marketplace

Cooperative Arrangements

Cooperative arrangements are optional for use, and occur where multiple entities agree to purchase similar goods or services cooperatively. These generally result in standing offer (panel) arrangements.

Search functionality on AusTender can help you identify existing cooperative arrangements – use the ‘multi-agency access’ search functionality.

If you have questions about a particular arrangement, you should direct your questions to the contact listed in the Standing Offer Notice (SON) on AusTender.

How to be a part of these arrangements

Generally speaking, when the Government is establishing a coordinated or cooperative arrangement, these opportunities will be advertised on AusTender as an approach to market. Additionally, where opportunities arise to bid to be added to existing arrangements, these will also be advertised on AusTender. These arrangements are established at a point in time for a specified period of time.

When a coordinated or cooperative arrangement already exists for the goods or services your business provides, there may be opportunities to join the arrangement. To understand when this is possible, you should contact the manager of the arrangement for more information. Alternatively, there may be opportunities to supply to the Government through the supply chain of businesses who are part of the arrangement. You could reach out to suppliers on the arrangements to see if this is possible.

If you have registered as a user on AusTender, AusTender will automatically match business opportunities with the areas of interest specified in the profile of your business when you registered. You can then receive free automatic email notifications of the latest opportunities as they are advertised. You can register for AusTender online and registration is free. Make sure to include a wide range of relevant key words in your registration profile so the system can send you email alerts containing links to approaches to market that may be suitable for your business.

Contact for information on this page: ProcurementExcellence@finance.gov.au

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