CBMS Data Management – Reference Data Set

The Reference Data Set (RDS) provides the framework for data entry and reporting in CBMS. It is made up of elements such as Portfolio, Agency, Outcome, Program, Account, Movement Account, Function, Sub-Function, Reason, Appropriation, Specific Purpose Payment and more.

Changes or additions to RDS elements can be made at the request of Finance business areas or entities. The table below sets out the requirements for additions or changes to elements in the RDS, including links to forms. These forms are also available in the CBMS User Reference Material under 08. Data Management – RDS.

Data Element Required
Entity Complete Entity Form
Program Complete Program Form
Specific Purpose Payments (SPP) Complete Specific Purpose Payments (SPP) Form
Special Appropriation/Account Complete Special Appropriation/Account Form
Outcome Provide Finance Minister's letter and email to CBMS inbox

Other Data Elements

  • Program Relationships (eg. Related Entity)
  • Function
  • Subfunction
  • Reason Code
  • Account
  • Receipt Type
  • Deactivations/Reactivations (including abolishing elements
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RDS Workbook

This workbook is to handle bulk RDS requests such as Machinery of Government (MoG) changes, deactivation of data elements or new outcome statements.

Complete RDS Workbook


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