Data Maturity Assessment Tool

Data Maturity Assessment Tool Guide

Publication author: Department of Finance

Publication abstract: The Department of Finance has developed the Data Maturity Assessment Tool (the Tool) to provide agencies with a consistent approach to measuring and understanding their organisation’s data maturity, providing a consistent, longitudinal evidence-based means of measuring APS data maturity and capability. It will also support the Government’s data agenda as outlined in the Data and Digital Government Strategy. By objectively measuring and tracking whole-of-APS data maturity, the Tool will help agencies and the Government identify areas for improvement and action.

The Tool complements other assessments like the NAA's Check-up Survey to provide the Government with a comprehensive picture of the data landscape.

The Tool provides an assessment of data maturity across the data lifecycle, helping inform agencies’ future development needs as the data ecosystem evolves. Agencies will also be able to track their progress and compare their results and trends to similar APS agencies, industry standards and international benchmarks.

The Tool involves an annual self-assessment for each of the seven focus areas: Strategy and Governance, Architecture, Operations, Risk, Quality, Reference and Metadata and Integration and Analytics.

Agencies are ‘in-scope’ for completing the Tool if they are:

  • non-corporate Commonwealth entities;
  • have primary responsibility for their data management regime; and
  • are not National Intelligence Community agencies.

APS agencies wishing to obtain a copy of the Tool should contact

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