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The Service Delivery Office (SDO) is one of the providers of shared services for Australian Government departments and agencies.  The SDO provides corporate transactional processing and technical services to clients.  

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Hire to Retire
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Procure to Pay
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Revenue to Bank
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Budget to Report
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Expense Management
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Case Studies

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E-invoicing has been adopted through the SDO Shared Service Hub. This improves productivity and data quality and reduces fraud. It enriches business-to-business, business-to-government and government-to-government interactions. This has also resulted in improved business cash flow through faster payment times and reduces the transaction costs and handling errors. Finance and Services Australia were the first Commonwealth entities enabled to receive e-invoices from suppliers, making payments within five days as per the revised payments policy.

Support for Staff Mobility Surge

In support of staff seconded to Services Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic, the SDO released a new cloud-based service called HUB Cloud supporting secure and flexible access for staff to view payslips and enter attendance times when located within another entity, without the need to log into their home agency network. This enabled business continuity and connectivity with their home agency management during their secondment.

Travel Management

The SDO has successfully delivered an integrated travel management solution to a number of its clients. The solution provides end to end domestic travel management all in one place – business case, approval, booking and acquittal. It delivers a more streamlined, online experience for users booking and managing travel.  The solution has saved staff time by removing manual processes, duplication and navigating between multiple systems when arranging travel. In collaboration with our clients, we partnered with subject matter experts in finance, IT, communications and training to form a multidisciplinary team for delivery.  

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