Parliamentary Document Management System (PDMS)

The Parliamentary Document Management System (PDMS) provides transformational service delivery arrangement to connect Australian Government agencies and Parliament under the Whole-of-Government (WofG) Parliamentary Workflow Solution (PWS) Program.

is our new mobile-friendly user interface

Over 54 agencies are supported by the PWS
26,500 registered PWS users
Agencies process an average of 302,000 records in PDMS each year



Download PDMS Workflow - Business View

PDMS focuses on delivering services to support the management of parliamentary workflow across government. This is accomplished by using modern technology to drive efficiencies and to enable agencies and Government to focus on their core priorities.

The PDMS digital platform supports Ministerial level correspondence, briefings and submissions; Parliamentary Questions on Notice; Senate Estimates Briefings and Questions on Notice; Executive level communications; and general communications and media.

PDMS also utilises other WofG services such as GovLINK, ICON and VANguard.

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