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What does this guide do and who is it for?

This guide has been designed to inform you of the broad range of actions undertaken to prepare a new Commonwealth entity to commence operations. It brings together in one place relevant information on legislation, policies, frameworks and processes that apply to the operation of a Commonwealth entity.

It will take you through some of the initial important priorities for setting up a Commonwealth entity. It will also help you find relevant information on other Commonwealth websites and who you can talk to for assistance.

This guide is for officials who have been tasked with setting up the operation of a new Commonwealth entity, including key personnel and seconded staff. It is also useful for those who are new to a key role in an entity and may be unfamiliar with some of the responsibilities of the new role.

When and how do I use this guide?

This guide deals with operational arrangements that are made after an entity has been established. It does not deal with the policy and legislative requirements to create an entity.

It provides links to important information, policies and resources as well as contact details for the various government entities and areas responsible for them. It is designed to help make you aware of the types of things you will need to consider and connect you to additional resources and assistance.

The information in the guide has been organised under key topics. To assist your early planning some of the actions are also identified in the initial priorities tab.

Use the tiles on the homepage to navigate the guide and locate the information you are looking for.

Guide entry points

Commonwealth entities

You will find that some of the requirements in this guide differ for non-corporate Commonwealth entities compared to corporate Commonwealth entities. Relevant contacts will be able to assist you to clarify this.

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