Duties of Accountable Authorities (RMG 200)

This guide supports you, the accountable authority (Secretaries, Chief Executives and governing board), to fulfil the important role of governing your entity and contributing to the priorities and objectives of the government.

The Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) covers 3 key areas that provide a strong foundation for a modern, streamlined and adaptable Commonwealth public sector:

evaluation methods

This guide outlines your duties and legal obligations under the PGPA Act, the actions you need to take, and the governance and accountability mechanisms you need to establish and maintain. 

Your duties as an accountable authority

Sections 15 to 19 of the PGPA Act prescribe the following duties imposed on you as an accountable authority:

Duties of an accountable authority

General duties

You are an official under the PGPA Act and subject to the general duties of officials as well as the duties as an accountable authority of a Commonwealth entity. 

General duties of officials


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