Developing performance information

What? Performance information should allow stakeholders (including the Parliament) to make an overall assessment of how an entity’s or company’s activities support the achievement of their purposes.

Who? Accountable authorities (of Commonwealth entities) and governing boards (of Commonwealth companies) determine the performance measures used to assess the performance of their entity or company, having regard to any requirements of the PGPA Rule.

When? Details of how future performance will be measured and assessed, including any specific targets, are published in Portfolio Budget Statements and Corporate Plans for a minimum of four reporting periods (usually four financial years).

Actual performance results for the past financial year are published in Annual Reports. For Commonwealth entities performance is outlined in Annual Performance Statements that are used to report on the achievement of performance measures reported in Portfolio Budget Statements and Corporate Plans.   

Why? Required by PGPA Act and PGPA Rule.

RMG-131 Developing good performance information provides additional guidance for entities on developing or enhancing performance measures and is available under Tools and templates.

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