Implementing the Charging Framework (RMG 302)

This guide will support you to understand the Australian Government Charging Framework (Charging Framework) and the requirements to undertake government charging.


All non-corporate Commonwealth entities are required to apply both the principles and requirements of the Charging Framework. All corporate Commonwealth entities are encouraged to apply the principles of the Charging Framework to charging activities. Entities subject to the currenGovernment Policy Order, must apply the principles and the requirements of the Charging Framework to regulatory activities.

The Australian Government Charging Framework does not apply to Commonwealth Companies.

Key points

  • The Charging Framework promotes consistent, transparent and accountable charging for government activities, by encouraging a common approach to planning, implementing and maintaining government charging. The application of the Charging Framework leads to improved charging and the proper use of public resources.
  • The Charging Framework consists of the Australian Government Charging Policy and the Cost Recovery Policy which incorporates overseeing charging of regulatory and non-regulatory government activities.
  • The Charging Framework explains the requirements, principles and considerations for charging activities provided by the Government to the non-government sector.
  • Entities must consider charging as a funding option for an activity in scope of the Charging Framework. This approach is reflected in the Budget Process Operational Rules and is driven by the Australian Government's Charging Policy Statement.

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