Other reporting obligations

Procurement-connected policies


Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) - Paragraph 4.9 to 4.10

Procurement-connected policies are policies of the Commonwealth for which procurement has been identified as a means of delivery.

Procurement-connected policies may include reporting obligations for relevant entities. 

For more information on useful resources that relate to procurement, please refer to Procurement | Department of Finance

Senate Order on Entity Contracts

Relevant entities and CCEs are required to meet the Senate Order on Entity Contracts, also known as the Murray Motion, and provide information on contracts valued at or above $100,000 (GST inclusive), along with details relating to each of those contracts.

Finance guidance provides further information on the types of contracts captured by the Senate Order and what Accountable Authority assurances are required (refer to RMG-403 Meeting the Senate Order on Entity Contracts).

Finance reports relevant procurement contracts on behalf of NCEs, using CNs published on AusTender that meet Senate Order reporting parameters.

The Senate Order also requires relevant entities to identify if there are any confidentiality provisions in a contract, and what type. 

Annual Reports

Relevant entities have additional reporting obligations that must be published in their Annual Reports. More information can be found in RMG-135 Annual reports for non-corporate Commonwealth entities and RMG-136 Annual reports for corporate Commonwealth entities

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