FAQs - Vehicle Rental Services

Q1. Do I have to sign a rental agreement when I pick up a Hertz vehicle?

A1. Yes. At your first rental you will need to sign a rental agreement and show your current driver's licence.  Using the information provided during your first rental, Hertz establishes a WoAG traveller profile and activates its streamlined vehicle pick-up service, Counter Express (see FAQ 2)

Q2. How does Hertz' Counter Express work?

A2. After your first rental you will receive Hertz' Counter Express service, replacing the Hertz Gold product. For major city airports (excluding Canberra – see below), your name will appear on the Hertz Gold (TV) Board informing you where your vehicle is located. The keys and rental paperwork will be inside your vehicle. For all other Hertz Locations, visit the Gold Concierge Desk to verify your Driver's Licence and receive the vehicle keys and rental paperwork.

Q3. Why did I not receive Counter Express?

A3. The key reasons why Counter Express service may not have been provided, include:

  • First time WoAG renter;
  • No Employee ID or equivalent was included in the reservation booking;
  • The Employee ID or equivalent is used to identify travellers for the Hertz Counter Express service.  If the Employee ID is not included in your reservations, discuss this with your entity travel manager.
  • The renter name in the reservation booking is different to your previous rental. This includes cases where the Employee ID of the booker is used instead of the renter's Employee ID.
  • The Diners Club card is either expired, not yet activated or over the account limit; or
  • The Driver's Licence on file has expired.

At some locations (e.g. Canberra Airport) Hertz share a carpark with other car rental providers, which limits Counter Express due to vehicle security issues.

Q4. What is Hertz' Canopy Service?

A4. Hertz Canopy Service Canopy service is only available at Airport locations where Hertz have their own secure carpark space (i.e. not shared with any other car rental suppliers). Canopy Service airport locations are:

  • Sydney Domestic Airport;
  • Melbourne;
  • Brisbane; and
  • Adelaide.

All other airport locations will have shared carparks and therefore require the traveller to go to the Hertz counter.

Q5. What is Hertz' Straight-To-Car Technology?

A5. 'Straight-to-Car' technology is being piloted by Hertz on a small number of passenger vehicles at its domestic airport locations (list below). Vehicles enabled with Straight-to-Car technology have a small keypad fitted inside the vehicle's windscreen. 30 minutes prior to your designated pick-up time, the driver will receive an SMS on their mobile phone. The SMS contains a single-use PIN, vehicle description, registration details and parking bay number.
On arrival at Hertz Canberra and in possession of the SMS from Hertz, the driver proceeds straight to the designated parking bay and, using the keypad on the driver's side of the windscreen, enters the PIN (sent by SMS). Once the PIN is accepted, the vehicle will unlock. Rental documentation and keys will be inside the vehicle. Driver can then proceed straight to the exit.
Your mobile phone must be in your traveller profile with QBT to allow the activation of Hertz' Straight-to-Car service.
Locations with vehicles with Straight-to-Car technology are listed below.
Note: available vehicles with this technology are limited. In all other cases, normal Counter Express service will be provided.

  • Canberra Airport;
  • Melbourne Airport;
  • Brisbane Airport
  • Townsville Airport
  • Cairns Airport
  • Perth Airport
  • Adelaide Airport
  • Williamtown Airport (soon)

Q6. I am a member of Hertz Gold program. Can I use this number when booking a vehicle for official travel?

A6. No. For the purposes of official travel using the WoAG travel arrangements, you will have a travel profile with QBT and also Hertz.  This is a separate profile that is not related to previous corporate or private Gold memberships. The use of legacy Gold memberships for official travel is being phased out as WoAG travellers acquire access to Counter Express.

Q7. Do I have to inspect the vehicle before I collect it?

A7. Yes. It is strongly recommended that you inspect the vehicle before you drive off. Hertz will generally inspect the vehicle prior to collection and note any damage, it is important that the driver also inspects the vehicle to make sure that all pre-existing damage is identified and notated. This will avoid any disputes when the vehicle is returned. A post-rental inspection accompanied by a Hertz representative (if practical) is also recommended.  For damage claims phone Hertz on 1800 550 028.

Q8. Can I book international vehicle rental through Hertz?

A8. Yes, you can book international vehicle rental through Hertz however this is not mandated through the WoAG arrangement. For bookings, phone Hertz Reservations 1800 009 545 to discuss.

Q9. Can I book a vehicle through Hertz' Australian Government's vehicle rental program for personal use?

A9. No. Personal use (e.g. leisure travel) is not permitted.

Q10. Can I rent a vehicle for a one-way trip only?

A10. Yes. Hertz can facilitate one-way vehicle rental requests. Some frequently used routes do not attract a One-way Rental fee (a list of these routes is available by contact the WoAG Travel Team). For other locations, fees vary depending on the pick-up and drop-off locations, whether Hertz has a location at the destination, duration of the rental and distance between the two locations. Entities should obtain a quote and assess the feasibility and value for money of the one-way rental prior to making a booking.

Q11. Is there a booking fee payable to the vehicle rental company?

Q11. The Commonwealth has negotiated a range of terms and conditions for its vehicle rental requirements. Participating and eligible Commonwealth entities can obtain further information, including terms, conditions and pricing by contacting Finance or accessing GovTEAMS.

Q12. How are tolls managed?

A12. There are two options for tolls.

  • Option 1 – Pay as you go – suitable for renters who are not using many tolls.  Tolls are charged on a per-use basis along with a one-off administration fee of $10 excluding GST per rental or every 30 days.  Hertz will calculate all tolls used and will charge back to the form of payment used after the hire is completed and up to 28 days after the rental is closed.  If no tolls are used during a hire then no charges will be applied.  This is usually the default position if Option 2 is not selected.
  • Option 2 – Toll Day Pass – suitable where tolls are frequently used.  The pass covers unlimited toll use for the duration of the rental and is charged per rental day. This is charged on the final invoice of the rental as a separate line item. The Toll Day Pass removes the need for reconciliation after the hire is completed.  The cost varies between states and is subject to change.

Depending on duration and location of your travel, it may be worth considering a Toll Day Pass. Please see the example below.
Passenger vehicle in Victoria – If you nominate Option 2 Toll Day Pass when booking your rental, you pay a flat fee of $14.30 ex GST per day.  You can use as many Toll roads in a 24hr period as you want.  If you rent for two days, you will pay for two passes, i.e. $28.60 ex GST.
If you choose Option 1 Pay as you go (or do not nominate an option as this is often the default) and you drive on a Toll road, you will be charged an admin fee of $10.00 ex GST (payable once per rental period or every 30 days) in addition to a toll (e.g. Tullamarine to City, $7.90 ex GST one way).  If you do not drive on a Toll road, you will not be charged.

Q13. How are fuel charges calculated?

A13. There are two options for fuel:

  • Option 1 – Fuel Pre-Purchase Option (FPO) - suitable if you know approximately how many kilometres you will travel.  The renter “purchases” a discounted full tank of fuel already in the vehicle on pick up. There is no need to fill the tank upon return but there are no refunds for unused fuel.  If you need to put more fuel in the vehicle during the hire, this is at your cost. The vehicle should be returned (to Hertz) close to empty.
  • Option 2 – Fuel Card - suitable if you anticipate using more than one full tank of fuel during the rental period.  The card can be used to refuel the vehicle during the hire.  Upon return, fuel is charged based on kilometres driven (regardless of how many times the driver refuelled using the card). Note: even if the Fuel Card is not used during the trip, you will still be charged per kilometres driven.

Please note: Your entity may have selected the Fuel Card as the default option. For additional information on your entity set up, please contact your entity travel manager or central travel team.

Q14. What do I do if I lose the Fuel Card I was provided with?

A14. If a Fuel Card is lost or stolen, it must be reported immediately to the location where the vehicle and Fuel Card was collected. The location will then deactivate the Fuel Card to prevent any other party using it. Fuel Cards should be looked after like any credit card.  A fee is applicable for lost cards.

Q15. Do I have to fill the vehicle up before I return it?

A15. No. Drivers are not required to fill the vehicle up prior to returning it to Hertz (including at airports).

Q16. My entity needs 4WDs to be supplied with special safety or fit-for-purpose equipment. Can this be accommodated?

A16. Hertz has the capacity to provide a variety of specialised equipment with 4WDs. Entities with such requirements are encouraged to contact Hertz to discuss their ongoing requirements so that the necessary equipment is made available at the required rental locations. Speciality equipment must be requested and confirmed at the time of booking. Certain locations have vehicles fitted with equipment to meet mine specifications to enable these vehicles to be taken onto mine sites.

Q17. Can vehicles be taken off road?

A17. Under the WoAG agreement, Hertz allow 4WD vehicles to be driven on unsealed roads, paddocks, fields, farm tracks and fire trails. It is imperative that a vehicle suitable for your needs is selected at the time of booking. If you are in any doubt about the capabilities of the vehicle you have selected, please discuss your driving requirements with the Hertz agent when collecting the vehicle.
Payment for any loss or damage to a vehicle when it is driven on beaches, sand dunes, rivers or creeks will be the responsibility of the relevant entity.  Schedule 6 of the Deed lists unauthorised areas and drivers should familiarise themselves with this Schedule. Contact WoAG Travel Team for more information.

Q18. What happens if I need to drive a passenger vehicle on a dirt road due to road works?  Will I be covered by Hertz' insurance?

A18. Hertz understand that there will be times where passenger vehicles will be driven on unsealed roads that are outside of a driver's control. To reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle, please operate the vehicle in a sensible manner obeying advisory messages from road-side signage and road workers (if any) and remain mindful of the conditions. In the unfortunate instance where damage does occur, Hertz will consider the circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Q19. Is there a cancellation or “no show” fee?

A19. The Commonwealth has negotiated an appropriate range of terms and conditions for its vehicle rental requirements. Participating and eligible Commonwealth entities can obtain further information, including terms, conditions and pricing by contacting Finance or accessing GovTEAMS.
In general terms, drivers are strongly encouraged to:

  • Include Flight details in bookings if possible.  If your flight is delayed, Hertz will retain your booking.
  • Notify Hertz as soon as possible if circumstances have changed and a booking is no longer required or needs to be changed.
  • With multi-day bookings, if a vehicle is not collected at the collection time advised in the booking, you should immediately contact Hertz on 1800 009 545 to confirm your requirements as the booking may be considered cancelled and the vehicle no longer be held for you.

Q20. What happens if I return the vehicle late?

A20. There is a 59-minute grace period for late returns (no fee incurred). If the vehicle is returned 60 to 119 minutes late, a fee will be applied equivalent to a half day rental rate.  For returns later than 120 minutes, a full day rental rate will be charged.

Q21. What happens if I incur a traffic or parking infringement while driving a Hertz vehicle?

A21. Like all road users, Commonwealth officials driving a Hertz vehicle must obey the Australian Road Rules and relevant state and territory laws. If a vehicle is issued with a traffic or parking infringement during a rental period, the following process will occur:

  • On receipt of the infringement notice Hertz will identify the registered driver of the vehicle (as nominated on the rental contract) at the date of the infringement.
  • Hertz will advise the issuing authority of the driver's details.
  • The infringement will then be forwarded by the issuing authority to the registered driver for payment.

In the event that the registered driver was not driving the vehicle at the time of the infringement, the registered driver must complete and lodge with the issuing authority a statutory declaration stating the correct driver's details. The infringement can then be reassigned.

Q22. Is roadside assistance available?

A22. Yes, roadside assistance is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Drivers should identify themselves as an Australian Government driver when placing the roadside assistance call. The roadside assistance number will be visible in the vehicle.  Drivers will be required to quote their rental agreement number when requesting assistance. Please be aware that for some types of roadside assistance calls, a fee will be payable to Hertz.

Q23. What do I do if I have an accident?

A23. Procedures for reporting accidents and roadside assistance will be provided with each rental vehicle. You can contact the Hertz Customer Care Centre on 1800 009 545 and they will assist and re-direct where needed.

Q24. What is an “authorised driver”?

A24. An authorised driver is defined in the vehicle rental services Deed with Finance as 'any person having a valid driving licence for the relevant class of vehicle who is authorised by an entity ("Entity Driver") or by an Entity Driver to drive a vehicle provided in accordance with this Deed'.

Q25. Is there a charge for additional drivers?

A25. Additional authorised drivers may drive the rental vehicle at no extra cost.

Q26. Can drivers under 25 years of age hire a vehicle with Hertz?

A26. Yes. An authorised driver is defined in the Deeds with Hertz as any person having a valid driving licence for the relevant class of vehicle and who is authorised by an entity to rent. Under duty of care, it is recommended that drivers under 21 years only rent economy or compact cars.

Q27. What if I can't get a vehicle through Hertz?

A27. While Hertz has a large fleet and a comprehensive number of vehicle rental offices throughout Australia, there may be times where a vehicle is not available at a certain location or time, particularly when booking at short notice (less than five days' notice).  When using the QBT Online Booking Tool (OBT) to make a booking and a vehicle is not available on the dates you have requested, please consider possible alternative vehicle options available on the OBT. Alternatively, please contact the Hertz team directly, or QBT's offline team, to discuss your arrangements. Giving sufficient lead time prior to pick-up will assist the vehicle rental providers to source a vehicle. Where you are unable to rent a vehicle through Hertz, this should be reported to your entity's travel manager, who should notify Finance
It is important to note that Hertz' Australian Government daily vehicle rental rate for passenger vehicles in the economy, compact, intermediate and standard vehicle categories varies by approximately $3 per vehicle, per day. For example, if you are attempting to book an economy vehicle but the category is booked out, there will generally only be a small increase in daily rental rate to select an intermediate vehicle.  Furthermore, the terms and conditions negotiated under the WoAG agreement with Hertz for services such as fuel, insurance, roadside assistance and toll management outweigh standard terms and conditions provided by alternative, non-WoAG vehicle rental providers.

Q28. Am I required to use the WoAG travel arrangements when renting a vehicle in Australia's external territories?

A28. No. The requirement to use the vehicle rental arrangement for domestic services applies to the states and territories comprising the Australian mainland and Tasmania.

Q29. If I am unable to rent a vehicle from Hertz because they are not represented at the location I am hiring from, does that mean I will be non-compliant with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules?

A29. No. In country, rural and remote locations where Hertz has a rental office within reasonable proximity of the location where a vehicle is required, entities must use the WoAG vehicle rental arrangement.  Where a Hertz rental office is not within reasonable proximity, travellers may use an alternative vehicle rental provider that represents value for money. Where entities are unable to use the WoAG vehicle rental arrangement, they should report the details to the WoAG Travel team at Finance (WoAGtravel@finance.gov.au) so that it can be raised with the vehicle rental providers to address supply issues in those areas.

Q30. Can I collect loyalty points with my vehicle rental?

A30. No. Drivers will not be able to accrue any loyalty points (either for personal or business use) while renting a vehicle for official purposes under the WoAG arrangements.

Q31. Can an All-wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle be taken off-road?

A31. It is important that Commonwealth officials select an appropriate vehicle type when completing a WoAG vehicle rental booking. All-wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles can provide additional traction on loose or slippery services, such as wet roads or well-maintained (gazetted) gravel roads. However, AWD vehicles do not have the capabilities of a Four-wheel Drive (4WD) and are not substitutes for purpose-built 4WDs. For example, a Toyota Kluger AWD is not a substitute for a Toyota Prado 4WD if the vehicle will be driven off-road over rough terrain
Please discuss a vehicle's intended use with a Hertz official when collecting the vehicle.

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