Security requirements

Security clearances

It is a condition of your employment with the Department of Finance that you are able to obtain and maintain a security clearance at the required level. All Finance employees must have, at least a security clearance at the ‘Baseline’ level prior to commencement.

Potential employees to Finance, who are transferring from another agency and have a valid security clearance, will need to have this verified prior to their commencement with the Department. If you do not have a security clearance at the required level, you will need to go through the security clearance process with the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency(AGSVA).

Depending on the level of clearance required you might need to have up to a 10-year checkable background; you must also be an Australian citizen. If you are not an Australian citizen you must have received a citizenship waiver and this process must also be completed in conjunction with the above procedures i.e. it needs to be signed off before employment can commence.

Finance will initiate the security clearance, you will be required to complete an online security clearance application and provide certified copies of personal documents to AGSVA. The security clearance process will not begin until both the online application and the hard-copy documents have been received by AGSVA.

Commencement of employment (including payment of salary), issue of a photographic security access card, access to Finance tenancies, access to Finance Information Technology systems and classified material cannot be provided until the above process has been completed.

You will receive an email from AGSVA when your security clearance is finalised, you will then be able to negotiate a commencement date with Finance.

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