Corporate services

The APS ERP approach sets the strategic direction for how the APS manages ERP corporate systems, which are fundamental for Commonwealth entities to manage corporate back-office functions.

Under the APS ERP approach all non-corporate Commonwealth entities have autonomy and choice to modernise ERP solutions using technology and vendors that best meet entity’s self-assessed ERP needs and budgets. 

The APS ERP approach does not prevent entities from seeking or continuing to receive transactional services from existing transactional processing hub providers. For transactional processing provider hub details, contact the Shared Services Policy team at

Entities with complex ERP requirements or entities previously aligned to the former GovERP (renamed Services Australia (SA) ERP), can consider the SA ERP and choose to use it where it meets their entity’s needs.

Collaboration is encouraged across Government to identify opportunities to achieve efficient and effective ERP uplifts.

In 2024, the Digital Transformation Agency will test the market and establish an ERP Products and Service solutions category on the Software Marketplace. Once established, use of the ERP Products and Service solutions category on the Software Marketplace will be mandatory for non-corporate Commonwealth entities.

With the introduction of the APS ERP approach in November 2023, a review of the future of the existing transactional processing arrangements across the APS will be undertaken in 2024 to support future policy development.  

For more information on the APS ERP approach, contact the Shared Services Policy team at

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