About the panel

Establishment of the Panel

The Panel has been established as a coordinated procurement, also referred to as a Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) arrangement. 

The Panel is being established in three phases, with each phase conducted via a separate open approach to market. 

The three procurement phases are aligned with the Panel Service Areas: 

  • Phase 1 – Financial Management Advisory Services 

  • Phase 2 – Corporate Management Advisory Services 

  • Phase 3 – Commercial Management Advisory Services.  

The Panel will replace all: 

  • Commonwealth Management Advisory Services related panels 
  • Management Advisory Services related categories on current panels 
  • non-panel approaches to procuring Management Advisory Services. 

Benefits of the Panel

The Panel provides a range of benefits, including: 

  • improved quality, consistency and efficiency of purchasing Management Advisory Services with standard terms and conditions and a Performance Management Framework 
  • cost savings and efficiencies for Service Providers by reducing administration and tendering efforts 
  • reduction in the time and effort for Agencies and for Service Providers to establish contracts 
  • replacing multiple panel arrangements across Government with a single panel arrangement 
  • providing standardised rate structures for Agencies, noting that Service Providers’ rates can vary significantly across other panels for the same types of Services. 

Finance will administer the Panel for the benefit of participating Agencies, including: 

  • managing the Head Agreements between Service Providers and Finance, on behalf of the Commonwealth 
  • monitoring the Panel to implement efficiencies for the Commonwealth 
  • hosting and maintaining the MAS Panel webpages on the Finance website which provides guidance and search functions for service offerings of Service Providers 
  • overseeing a Performance Management Framework for Service Providers and addressing performance issues 
  • providing internal reporting and strategic advice to support WoAG decision making, planning and delivery across the Commonwealth 
  • reviewing and refreshing the Panel 
  • monitoring the Flexibility Framework. 

Term of the Panel

The Panel commenced on 12 July 2021 with Panel Service Areas added as each phase of the procurement is completed. The Panel Scope of Services will expand as each phase of the procurement is completed and Finance will notify Agencies of the Services commencement date for each phase. 

All phases of the Panel will expire on 30 September 2025.  Finance may, at its sole discretion, extend the Panel for a further period (or periods) of up to four years in total, which may be taken in whole or in part, and in any number or combination of time periods. 

Finance will determine the process for refreshing the Panel during the Panel term. This may include adding or removing Service Subcategories. 

Procurement phases and expected commencement dates are as follows: 

Phase timetable

Phase  Milestone  Date 

Phase 1 – Financial Management Advisory Services


Services Commencement Date 12 July 2021

Phase 2 – Corporate Management Advisory Services


Services Commencement Date 14 February 2022

Phase 3 – Commercial Management Advisory Services


Services Commencement Date 11 October 2022

Transitioning to the new Panel

Once Management Advisory Services are available through the Panel it will be mandatory for NCEs to use the Panel for procurements, except for Services engaged under the Flexibility Framework.   

Contracts entered into prior to the commencement of each phase may be completed. However, no longer-term contracts, or contracts with multiple extension options should be entered into, in anticipation of the Panel Phase Service commencement dates. 

Contact Us

Should you have any questions please contact Finance’s MAS Panel Management team through one of the following:

Email:  MASPanel@finance.gov.au

Ph:       (02) 6215 3399

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