Preserve / Destroy

The preservation and destruction of data refers to the actions taken to safeguard the long-term viability and availability of data or destroy it if retention beyond a certain time is undesirable.

Key resources for Preserve and Destroy:

Data Interoperability Maturity Model (National Archives of Australia)

The Data Interoperability Maturity Model lets you assess your agency's progress towards data interoperability. Data interoperability means you can exchange data (including information) between different systems and organisations.

Success interoperability ensures:

  • the context and meaning of data is not lost or mistakenly altered during an exchange
  • compatibility between systems is facilitated

Records Authority (National Archives of Australia)

A records authority is a legal instrument that allows agencies to make decisions about keeping, destroying or transferring Government records. Records authorities are used to determine how long to keep records and provide permission for the destruction of records once this time has passed.

Check-Up Survey (National Archives of Australia)

Check-up is the National Archives of Australia’s information management survey. It is an online self-assessment tool designed to measure Government agencies’ maturity and performance in managing their information assets (records, information, and data). The National Archives analyses the survey data to measure whole-of-government information management maturity and present findings to the Government. 

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