Annual Reports & the Transparency Portal

Before you start developing your Annual Report

Annual report requirements and Resource Management Guides

The PGPA Act and Rule outline the main content requirements of annual reports for Commonwealth entities and companies. 

RMGs are available to support you in meeting the requirements for your annual report.

Transparency Portal

The Transparency Portal contains publicly available corporate information for all Commonwealth Bodies. All Commonwealth entities and companies are required (sections 17ABA, 17BCA and 28CA of the PGPA Rule) to publish their annual report to the Transparency Portal after it has been tabled in the Parliament.

The Transparency Portal contributes to the Government’s integrity agenda through improved transparency of entity activities, whole of government data discoverability, and increased accessibility of Commonwealth financial and non-financial performance data to the Parliament, public and business. Additionally, the Transparency Portal captures Annual Reports in HTML – Not only are Annual Reports accessible and fully searchable from the Portal, Annual Report information is findable and discoverable through any internet browser.

Tabling annual reports

Annual reports must be tabled in the Parliament (section 46 of the PGPA Act). The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet publishes Tabling Guidelines and Tabling Circulars which outline the requirements and procedures for tabling documents in the Parliament. If you have questions on the tabling process, please contact

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