Fee Relief Guidance

The coronavirus pandemic has had wide reaching personal, employment and economic impacts across Australian communities, business, and industry sectors. The Government has responded to address these impacts through a number of assistance packages to assist those most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, which includes consideration of temporary relief from government fees and charges.

The Finance Minister has agreed Fee Relief Guidance to assist Government entities and ministers in determining whether Fee Relief is appropriate, its duration and subsequent withdrawal. Four key principles underpin this guidance:

  • Appropriateness – should be proportionate to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and there is evidence a sector has been impacted and Fee Relief will assist economic recovery
  • Authority – relevant policy and legislative authorities are required for Fee Relief;
  • Fiscal impact – the full financial impact to the Government of Fee Relief should be estimated; and
  • Recovery pathway – there needs to be a plan to return to normal charging arrangements.

The Guidance includes a support tool to lead entities through the considerations and determine what, if any, type of Fee Relief is most appropriate.

The Finance Minister has written to Ministers with a copy of the Fee Relief guidance.  If you have any questions please contact the Relevant Agency Unit in Finance or the Charging Policy Team on (02) 6215 3451 or chargingpolicy@finance.gov.au.

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