FAQs - Payment Services

Q1. Who is the new Payment Service provider under the new WoAG Travel and Procurement Payment Services arrangement?

A1. Diners Club Pty Limited (Diners Club) was appointed to provide Travel and Procurement Payment Services to the Australian Government following an open approach to market. Diners Club has been contracted to provide:
Travel Payment Services – a payment solution for Government air fares, accommodation and vehicle rental expenses and other travel-related costs booked through the WoAG Travel Arrangements.  These services include 100% GST-compliant data and enhanced data for travel expenditure booked and paid for through the WoAG Travel Arrangements.
Procurement Payment Services – Payment Products for Participants' general purchasing and travel-related expenses booked and/or purchased through travel arrangement providers that are not part of the WoAG Travel Arrangements, which may include learning and development course fees, stationery, meals and incidentals.
Some of these Payment Services will be delivered in partnership with Citibank Pty Ltd.

Q2. Is it mandatory for entities to use the Travel and Procurement Payment Services arrangement?

A2. It is mandatory for non-corporate Commonwealth entities to use the arrangement for their Travel Payment Services (i.e. travel booked through the Australian Government Travel Suppliers). It is optional for corporate Commonwealth Entities to use this arrangement.
The use of Procurement Payment services (e.g. the purchasing/procurement card) is optional for all entities.

Q3. What is the term of the new arrangement?

A3. The initial Deed period is three years, commencing on 1 July 2020, with an option of additional period of up to four years. Entities will begin to transition to the new Arrangement in February 2020.

Q4. How and when will transition be undertaken?

A4. Each entity currently using the travel and related card services arrangement will be contacted by their Diners Club Relationship Manager to discuss the transition process, new products and services available, and any new requirements.  The Diners Club Relationship Manager will also provide a Product and Service Summary outlining the options under the new Travel and Procurement Payment Services arrangement.
The Participant and Diners will then establish a Participant Agreement, which includes a Participant Implementation Plan.  The Participant Implementation Plan will detail key contacts, selected Payment Products, implementation schedule, pre-implementation considerations, account payment processes, technology requirements, reporting requirements and other relevant information. It is expected that transition activities will commence in February 2020, however the Diners Club Relationship Manager may contact you earlier to commence transition discussions.

Q5. Once I sign the Participant Agreement, does this mean my entity has transitioned to the new Travel and Procurement Payment Services arrangement?

A5. That depends on what you have agreed with Diners Club in the Participant Implementation Plan.  Under the terms of the Deed, the Participant Agreement Start Date is the date:

  • on which a Participant Implementation Plan is agreed by the parties; or
  • a date agreed by the parties and included in the Participant Implementation Plan.

However, Participants should be aware that the current travel and related card services arrangement ends on 30 June 2020.

Q6. What Payment Products are available under the new Travel and Procurement Payment Services arrangement?

A6. To meet the increasingly complex world of business travel and forms of payment, Finance in partnership with Diners Club and Citibank, is implementing a varying set of payment solutions to meet the diverse needs of entity travellers. Corporate Travel Solution accounts (CTS or Lodge Cards) will remain as the most commonly used method of payment for WoAG travel services. Corporate cards-in-hand form an integral part of an agile payment solution for Commonwealth travellers. Entities need to be aware realise that a mix of payment solutions might better suit their specialised needs. Your Diners Club Relationship Manager will be able to answer questions on transition, and the new product and service offering.

Q7. If I choose to combine a Diners Club Payment Product and a Citibank Payment Product, will I have to two Relationship Managers?

A7. There are six Payment Products available under the new Travel and Procurement Payment Services arrangement including: 

  • Diners Club Corporate Travel Solution (CTS) (Lodge Card);
  • Diners Club Card-in-hand;
  • Diners Club Virtual Card Number (VCN);
  • Diners Club Companion Mastercard;
  • Citi Procurement Card;
  • Citi Virtual Card Account (VCA).

Participants can find out more about each of these Payment Products through the Product and Service Summary, or by talking to their Diners Club Relationship Manager.

Q8. What are the payment terms under the new Travel and Procurement Payment Services arrangement?

A8. No, your Diners Club Relationship Manager will be able to help you with both sets of Payment Products. 

Q9. Will new technology be offered by Diners Club and Citibank to card holders and managers to simplify card and account administration?

A9. Yes. In August 2019, Diners Club released its Mobile Application for Apple and Android operating platforms. In addition, Diners Club will deliver to entities an enhanced Card Management Portal, a new reporting tool and complimentary online technologies from Citibank. Additionally, Diners Club is keen to partner with entities to co-design the secure, encrypted exchange of information to automate the creation of new accounts and for account maintenance purposes. For accountability purposes payment solutions via Mobile Applications, such as Google Pay™ or Apple Pay™, are not supported at this time.

Q10. Where can entities get more information?

A10. The seven day payment terms under the RMG 418 will continue to apply.  Refer to Resource Management Guide 418 Payment Terms for Australian Government Travel Arrangements - Card Services.

Q11. What happens if a staff member inadvertently uses the corporate travel card for personal expenses?

A11. Misuse of credit cards in entities (inadvertently or otherwise) is handled in accordance with each entity's operational guidelines and internal policies for card use.

Q12. How do I dispute a transaction?

A12. There are two dispute processes depending on the type of transaction.

  • For instances where a transaction from a WoAG travel supplier (contracted supplier) is considered to be incorrect, entities should raise the dispute with the contracted supplier's contact centre (i.e. QBT). If the contact centre is unable to resolve the matter, it can be escalated by your entity's travel manager to their counterpart in the contracted supplier.
  • For instances where a transaction is not from a contracted supplier (e.g. other non-travel suppliers or merchants), a dispute is to be raised through the Diners Club Premium Service Team. Where Diners Club determines, on reasonable grounds, that your claim is a legitimate claim, Diners Club will immediately raise a temporary credit to the account until such time as the charge back claim in investigated. If the charge back claim is validated, then Diners Club will convert the temporary credit to a permanent credit (e.g. a refund). If the charge back claim is not validated, the temporary credit will be reversed by Diners Club. An entity may escalate a matter to its Diners Club Relationship Manager for further review.

Q13. What are the terms of payment for Diners Club accounts?

A13. Entities are required to pay their account with Diners Club within seven (7) days of receiving the monthly Statement of Account from Diners Club. These requirements are set out in Resource Management Guide 418 Payment Terms for Australian Government Travel Arrangements - Card Services.

Q14. What if I do not pay my Diners Club account on time?

A14. If an entity is late in paying its monthly Diners Club card account, it will be pay a penalty in the form of 'liquidated damages', which will be calculated based on a percentage of the outstanding account balance. If the original is not paid at the expiry of a further month, further liquidated damages will apply, and that will continue to apply until the original amount is paid. If a debt is outstanding for more than 60 days (i.e. 90 days from the date of the original transaction), then the entity will have contravened the requirements of the PGPA Act. Diners Club, may, with the agreement of Finance, freeze an account until payment of the overdue amount(s) is made.

Q15. Do I have to use the WoAG Travel and Procurement Payments arrangement to pay for international flights?

A15. You must use a Diners Club account (Corporate Travel Service (CTS) account or Diners Club or Citi Card-in-hand) to pay for international flights when they are booked through QBT. For information refer to the Airline and Travel Management Services FAQs.

Q16. Can I use the Mastercard companion cards (Diners Club or Citi) to pay for airfares, accommodation or car rental?

A16. No. Entities must use a Diners Club account (CTS or Diners Club or Citi Card-in-hand) to pay for domestic and international airfares, travel management services fees, domestic accommodation and domestic car rental. The Arrangements have been established with the intention that travel suppliers only accept payment on the Diners Card to allow for enhanced reporting of government travel and to provide GST compliant travel data. Entities have the discretion to use Diners Club or Citi purchasing/procurement cards to pay for meals and incidentals and for general purchasing.

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