AusTender reporting requirements


This guide is designed to assist Participants of the government advertising arrangement to meet their AusTender reporting obligations as outlined in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs).

Government entities (Participants) that are subject to the CPRs must report a contract notice on AusTender where the expenditure meets the reporting thresholds as defined in the CPRs.

The Department of Finance published a Standing Offer Notice on AusTender (SON3502507) that outlines the details of the deed.

How do I report expenditure on AusTender?

When reporting a contract (a signed Media Booking Authority in the case of government advertising) that meets the reporting threshold (CPR clause 7.16 to 7.18), Participants must include the Standing Offer Notice reference (SON3502507) in the contract notice on AusTender. This process of referencing the Standing Offer Notice will link relevant contract notices to the overarching agreement.

Participants may elect to register a contract every time an individual Media Booking Authority is entered into. Otherwise, Participants may publish an annual contract notice in advance, the estimated aggregated total (GST inclusive) value of advertising to be entered into for the upcoming financial year.

Participants must not report a separate Standing Offer Notice on AusTender.

Where can I get advice on AusTender reporting?

The procurement advice team with your entity should be able to assist you with meeting your reporting obligations on AusTender.

If you have any questions about AusTender email

Alternatively, if you wish to contact to the Government Advertising Arrangement Management team in the Department of Finance to discuss your obligations please email


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