Key contacts for establishing a new entity

Attorney-General’s Department

  • Protective Security Policy Framework
  • Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre
  • Legal Services Directions
  • Australian Government Solicitor
  • Courts and tribunals
  • Public Interest Disclosure
  • Privacy
  • Freedom of Information
  • Human Rights
  • Child Safe Framework
  • Australian Government Intellectual Property Rules
  • Providing advice on matters related to copyright policy
  • Managing core agreements and collecting fees for use of copyright material by Commonwealth agencies

Protective Security Policy Framework

(02) 6141 3600

Fraud Control

Office of Legal Services Direction

Human Rights - Sex & Gender

Human Rights Unit


Child Safe Framework

Australian Public Service Commission

  • Public Service Act 1999 (PS Act)
  • APS Commissioner’s Directions 2016
  • Recruitment and employment in the Australian Public Service (APS)
  • Limit on the numbers of APS Senior Executives (SES Cap)
  • Merit and Transparency Policy (for APS agency heads)
  • Commonwealth Bargaining Policy
  • Industrial instruments/enterprise agreements
  • APS agency head briefing, including obligations under the PS Act
  • CEO/agency head remuneration (the Remuneration Tribunal)
  • Moving APS staff following a Machinery of Government change (MoG)
  • Public Service Regulations 1999
  • APS Commissioner’s Directions 2022
  • Manage and monitor the size of APS Senior Executive Service (SES cohort)
  • Briefing new agency heads on their responsibilities under the PS Act
  • APS conduct framework and ethical decision-making
  • Consultation on SES conduct matters
  • Consultation on confidentiality agreements relating to sexual harassment

Integrity, Performance and Employment Policy group

  • Integrity, conduct SES and NDA consultations
  • Agency head induction packs

  • SES Cohort

Executive Remuneration and Statutory Offices group

Workplace Relations group

  • Industrial arrangements
  • Commonwealth Bargaining Policy

Australian Signals Directorate

  • Australian Government Information Security Manual

Australian Cyber Security Centre

1300 292 371

Australian Taxation Office

  • ABN
  • TFN
  • FBT
  • GST
  • Superstream
  • Single touch payroll
  • Activity statements

Government enquiries

13 28 69

Registering GST

13 28 66

Business enquiries

13 28 66


  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Work and Health Safety Act and Regulations
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work

Work Health and Safety Act

1300 366 979

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

  • Commonwealth employee superannuation

Employee Superannuation

Department of Finance - Superannuation branch

Department of Finance

  • Property
  • Comcover
  • Procurement
  • PGPA Governance & Advisory, Reporting & Accountability
  • Shared Services
  • Communications advice
  • Funds and Superannuation
  • Commonwealth Investment Framework & GBE
  • Grants
  • Funding & Financials
  • Office of the National Data Commissioner


Please ensure you include your Portfolio AAU in this communication

Comcover (Risks and Claims Branch)

1800 651 540 (select option no. 3)

Procurement policy queries

AusTender Help Desk

1300 651 698

Commonwealth Contracting Suite, ClauseBank and BuyRight  


Shared Services

Commonwealth Investment Framework & GBE


Annual Appropriations

Special Appropriations

Banking and Cash Management

02 6215 3660  

Budget group Agency Advice Units (AAU)

02 6215 2222


Budget Framework

Monthly Reporting

Annual Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements

Organisations and Appointments Register System

Office of the National Data Commissioner

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

  • Cabinet approval for significant appointments
  • Administration Arrangement Orders
  • Australian government branding
  • Remuneration Tribunal

Government Division

Administration Arrangement Orders 

Government Branding

Remuneration Tribunal

Digital Transformation Agency

  • Review and monitoring of Commonwealth digital investment activity
  • Digital Sourcing Framework and mandatory and optional digital purchasing panels
  • The Digital Transformation Strategy and Digital Service Standards
  • Australian Government Domain Name management and policy
  • Commonwealth Style Manual
  • A wide range of digital tools including cloud, google analytics and data for Government users

Digital Investment Division

ICT Procurement

Digital Strategy

National Archives of Australia

  • Information, Records and Data management
  • Information Governance Framework

Enquiries Line

1300 363 992

Online Form


Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

  • Ensuring proper handling of personal information under the Privacy Act 1988 and other legislation
  • Protecting the public’s right of access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act)
  • Performing strategic information management functions within the Australian Government under the AIC Act

Enquiries Line

1300 363 992

Online Form


Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman

  • Independently and impartially review complaints and disclosures about government administrative action, including through the Public Interest Disclosure scheme;
  • Influence government agencies to be accountable, lawful, fair, transparent, and responsive; and
  • Assist people to resolve complaints about government administrative action.

PID Team

1300 362 072

Policy Team

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