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Issuing a Request for Quote (RFQ)

Relevant to the scale and scope of the procurement, Agencies may request any number of the Service Providers listed in the relevant Service Subcategory to submit a quote. The MAS Panel website provides a Search Tool to enable you to search suppliers by Service Category and Subcategory.

Agencies should consult with their internal procurement advisers as there may be Agency specific requirements in determining an approach to market. It is important to document the reasons underpinning the approach to market, including the number of quotes requested and how value for money will be determined. Finance recommends approaching more than one supplier for each quote to drive the best value for money. Competition is a key element of the Commonwealth Procurement Framework.

Agencies should use the RFQ Smart Form which provides a simple, streamlined and consistent approach to using the Panel. 

Service Providers have been assessed at the organisational level but there is allowance in the RFQ Smart Form for Agencies to specify any particular skills, qualifications or professional recognition required for Personnel. Agencies may also request curriculum vitaes (CV’s) for Personnel.

Agencies can approach Service Providers to submit detailed quotes that are more competitive than the Panel rates or represent better value for money in terms of innovative pricing structures (such as through fixed prices).

When seeking quotations from Service Providers, an Agency should have regard to the reasonable time frames required to prepare and submit a quotation.

When issuing an RFQ, Agencies can select whether or not a Service Provider can nominate Subcontractors to undertake any or all of the Services. When assessing a quotation that nominates subcontractors, the Fees cannot exceed the Service Provider’s fees in the Head Agreement.

Issuing an Order for Services

The Order for Services Smart Form should be used for procurements through the Panel to ensure the terms and conditions of the overarching arrangement apply to the individual procurements. The Smart Form provides a consistent structure to Orders under the Panel and prompts Agencies to use milestone payments as best practice. The Smart Form also delivers efficiencies for Service Providers in their engagement with Agencies.

Only templates developed for the Panel should be used. The Commonwealth Contracting Suite templates must not be used when ordering Services from the Panel as these templates may contain terms that differ from the Head Agreement.

Please consult with your Agency’s internal procurement advisers prior to issuing final documents to ensure you are acting in accordance with your Agency’s internal processes and that any approvals required have been obtained.

When an Agency issues an Order, a separate contract will be formed between the Service Provider and the Agency at the rates provided in the Head Agreement, unless a lower rate has been negotiated, or alternative pricing (e.g. fixed pricing) has been quoted and is stated in the Order for Services. Panel rates are available in DS4P.

Agencies must ensure they select the correct Subcategory of Services from the Service Provider. If a Service Provider accepts an Order for Services for a Subcategory of Services for which it is not listed under the Panel, it will constitute a breach of the Head Agreement by the Service Provider and must be reported to Finance.

Smart Forms 

Links to the RFQ and Order for Services Smart Forms are available within this User Guide, on the MAS Panel website, and in DS4P. 

The Smart Forms can be partially completed and saved, at which point a code will be sent to you via email to enable you to access your partially completed form for up to five days. 

Your Smart Form is only accessible by you as a saved document and it is not publicly available.

The Smart Form is fully downloadable as a partially or fully completed Microsoft Word document, which can then be further edited. This allows for internal Agency approval processes. 

Once downloaded, all ‘smart’ functionality is lost and will only be able to be edited in Microsoft Word. 

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