Portfolio Charging Reviews

Departments of State must conduct periodic reviews of all existing and potential charging activities within their portfolios at least every five years, in accordance with the published schedule of portfolio charging reviews or at other times agreed by the Finance Minister. 

Schedule of Portfolio Charging Reviews

Coordinating Department of State (Portfolio)Calendar Year in which the work is undertakenFinancial Year the report referencesBudget in which outcomes should be brought forward
Health and Aged Care20222021-222023-24
Industry, Science and Resources20232022-232024-25
Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water20232022-232024-25
Employment and Workplace Relations20232022-232024-25
Prime Minister and Cabinet20242023-242025-26
Defence and Veterans' Affairs20242023-242025-26
Home Affairs20252024-252026-27
Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry20252024-252026-27
Foreign Affairs and Trade20252024-252026-27
Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts20262025-262027-28
Social Services20262025-262027-28

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