Reporting Guidance

The Australian Government Property Register (AGPR) is a database containing information on all of the Commonwealth's leased office accommodation and owned land. This information assists the Government identify opportunities for progressively improving the management of the Commonwealth property portfolio and informs Whole-of-Australian-Government property decision-making.

The AGPR also supports the government to deliver evidence-based policy, and to ensure the property portfolio aligns with the Government's current and future needs.

Data contained in the AGPR is collected through two processes:

Note: Information contained int he AGPR is not intended to be a fully comprehensive and only contains the core information to support the purposes of its usages.

If further details are required on individual leases or parcels of land, enquiries should be directed to the leasing or owning entity. Landowner information can be obtained from the Land and Titles offices in each state or territory.

Australian Government Data Requests

Commonwealth entities can request  extracts from the AGPR dataset to assist inform policy making, support the efficient delivery of government services or government operations, assist in the implementation and assessment of government policy, and/or conduct research and development with clear and direct public benefits.

Access and usage are subject to the Privacy Act 1988, Data Availability and Transparency Act 2022 and Australian Privacy Principles and a review of the proposed use of the data.

AGPR User Access Request Form

Commonwealth Entities and endorsed Service Providers may request access to the AGPR. If you require access to the AGPR please contact to obtain an Access Request form.

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