Roles and Responsibilities

Australian Government Fleet (AGF)

  • Ensures the services and objectives of the Fleet Services Contract are delivered in cooperation with sgfleet, including supporting the fleet management and car manufacturing sectors
  • Provides advice, assistance and guidance to entities that pertains to contractual and operational matters
  • Manages the Fleet Vehicle Selection Policy
  • Contributes to various Government directives on vehicle and environmental strategies to pursue greater value for money and economic outcomes for Government and the taxpayer
  • Collaboration with sgfleet and Entities to identify opportunities to improve the delivery of the Arrangement, including simplifying guidance, reducing administrative burden, and enhancing value for money outcome.

Entity Fleet Managers

  • Oversee their fleet, including its financial, operational and selection practices
  • Encourage fleet best practice internally to support the objectives of the Arrangement
  • Collaborate with sgfleet and its systems to prepare entity-specific fleet management reports; including identifying ways to optimise and rationalise usage
  • Meet regularly, or for small fleets, as required with sgfleet to discuss matters related to the entity’s fleet; including vehicle forecasting and ordering, vehicle return and disposal, vehicle servicing, and vehicle over-utilisation and under-utilisation
  • Liaise with the AGF as required.


  • provides contractually specified vehicle fleet management and leasing services
  • meet regularly with Entity Fleet Managers and the AGF
  • provides expert advice and assistance to Entity Fleet Managers
  • provides up-to-date, accurate and accessible fleet management data
  • manages operational issues relating to the ordering, delivery, maintenance, and return of leased and owned vehicles.

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