Data and Digital Ministers Meeting

The purpose of this forum is to achieve cross-government collaboration on data and digital transformation to ensure smarter service delivery and improved outcomes.

Data and technology are changing how Australians live, work and prosper. Australians expect governments to meet the highest standards of service delivery; to protect their data, privacy and security; to offer a wide choice in accessing services; and to account for diverse needs.

The Data and Digital Ministers Meeting is chaired by Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher, Minister for Finance, Minister for the Public Service, Minister for Women, representing the Commonwealth and includes ministerial representation from all Australian states and territories, and New Zealand.

Data and Digital Ministers are working to align policies and services across Australia by focusing on:

  • Reforming cross-jurisdictional data and digital platforms, services and protocols
  • Enhancing government capability to build public trust and deliver digital services
  • Delivering a seamless digital identity experience for citizens
  • Transforming government services around life events

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