White Pages Advertising Guidance

Tips to Improve Value for Money in Print White Pages Listings

White Pages directory listing is a service that has historically been used by Commonwealth entities to disseminate information to citizens on available services and/or contact details. While needs and demands will differ from entity to entity, the introduction of some simple practices can reduce the costs associated with the service.

Sensis Pty Ltd produces 55 distinctive printed directories. Publishing telephone, fax numbers and address details in these directories attracts charges, except for the entity's local directory, if a standard entry is used.

Better Practice Considerations

The cost of White Pages listings is proportional to the size and style requirements of each entry. There are many options and each attracts additional charges. To reduce overall costs, entities should consider the following:

'Need to Have' versus 'Nice to Have'

  • Limit the number of words by prioritising information
  • Select a standard font size and avoid bold options
  • Eliminate the use of colour, which could reduce the cost by up to 20%
  • Eliminate or reduce the use of banners, logos and photographs
  • Reduce space between entries
  • Reduce the number of cross references and eliminate fax numbers
  • Monitor the channel used by customers to obtain entity contact details (i.e. White Pages, internet, etc)

Centralise Management of White Pages Listings within an Entity

Centralising the management of listings within an entity will drive standardisation of entries, reduce duplication of listed information, and enable cost efficiencies by utilising a single point for negotiating listing rates for your entity.

Metropolitan versus Regional Listings

Entities should consider the size of entries and whether printed listings are required in some or all metropolitan and regional areas. Listings in metropolitan areas are generally more expensive than those in regional areas. Entity contact details and information are increasingly becoming readily available to citizens in metropolitan areas via the internet and mobile technologies.

Central (One Switchboard) Telephone Number and Entity Website Listing

Consider consolidating telephone numbers or email addresses. It may be more effective to list a central or national switchboard telephone number and the entity's website (if service information and addresses are available on the entity's website).

Entities' Role and Printed White Pages Listing

An entity should assess its role and functions in delivering services to citizens to determine whether a White Pages listing is desirable. A service delivery entity may consider it desirable to list in some or all directories, while a non-service delivery entity may consider listing one telephone number, or a website address, or not listing at all.

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