Commonwealth Procurement Rules

The Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) commenced on 14 December 2020.

The CPRs are the basic rule set for all Commonwealth procurements and govern the way in which entities undertake their own processes.

The 14 December 2020 CPRs, which replace the 20 April 2019 CPRs, reflect the Australian Government’s commitment to sustainable procurement practices; emphasise the importance of paying suppliers on time, particularly small businesses; and includes a new Appendix A exemption  that allows for the direct engagement of a Small and Medium Enterprise for procurements up to $200,000. A table detailing these and other minor changes is available:

Previous official versions of the CPRs are available from the Federal Register of Legislation.

Entities should note that the changes to the CPRs are not retrospective.

Information on procurement process considerations, including when the below procurement policy guides are relevant, can be found on the Procurement Practice page.

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