Vehicle Leasing & Fleet Management Arrangement

Tender Notice

The Department of Finance has released a Request for Tender (RFT) for the Automotive Leasing and Fleet Management Services (Fleet Arrangement) on AusTender Current ATM View - FIN-2024-FLEET-RFT: AusTender (

Interested parties are required to register on AusTender ( to access documents and obtain further information regarding this opportunity.

For more information about AusTender, please contact the AusTender Help Desk by completing the Contact Us form: Contact Us: AusTender (

Current Arrangement

The Department of Finance administers the arrangement for motor vehicle fleet management and leasing services to Commonwealth entities (the Arrangement).

  • Non-corporate Commonwealth entities must source their vehicle leasing and fleet management services under the Arrangement
  • Corporate Commonwealth entities and Commonwealth companies under the PGPA Act (2013) may opt into the Arrangement and take advantage of the associated benefits, including
    • Providing consistent processes, pricing, and services, and improve the cost-effectiveness to the Commonwealth and Participating entities
    • Supporting the business needs for entities through price certainty, allocation of vehicles, and appropriate leasing rates and residual values
    • Progressing the Arrangement in respect to market technology innovations and operational improvements in the fleet services sector, and
    • Reducing the cost of insurance for eligible Participants through the provision of Comcover insurance.

Joining the Arrangement

All organisations seeking approval to access the Arrangement should contact Finance at in the first instance.

SG Fleet

SG Fleet is the service provider of fleet management and leasing services, contracted by the Commonwealth to service Participants under the Fleet Services Contract (FSC).

Introductory information about the services that SG Fleet provides is available at

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