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Finance has developed a number of training and support tools to help officials understand their responsibilities under the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework, including the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 (PGPA Rule).
Links to the PGPA Act and Rule can be found in the right hand menu under Policies, legislation and guidelines. For a full list of the the legislation, instruments and policies under the framework visit the PGPA legislation, associated instruments and policies page.

Commonwealth Resource Management Framework

Finance has developed an eLearning program that will empower you with the knowledge to understand your responsibilities under the PGPA Act and Rule. The program is a self-learning tool and is aimed at Commonwealth officials, particularly new employees within the Commonwealth Public Service.

There are 4 short 10 minute modules that provide an introduction to the PGPA Act and outline an officials responsibilities under the Act, along with useful information around managing public resources and spending relevant money.




Start the eLearning program now! 

    The eLearning program is also available on the Learnhub platform and is also available as SCORM 1.2 compliant package [142 MB] for entities who wish to incorporate the program on their Learning Management System.

    For users running the course through the Department of Finance website, Google Chrome is recommended. 
    Tip: When undertaking the eLearning program please open an instance of the Managing Commonwealth Resources pages on the Finance website in a separate window. This will provide you with direct access to Resource Management Guides and other supporting material to assist you when undertaking the eLearning program. Please contact pgpa@finance.gov.au if you require assistance

    Other Resources include:

    Risk Management

    Finance has a stewardship role within the Australian Government to promote and facilitate best practice risk management. We seek to influence better planning, the effective allocation of resources, and enhanced decision making across government.

    The PGPA Act and the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy provides a framework for entities to adopt a cohesive  approach, that leads to a better understanding of the risks they face in achieving their objectives.

    Comcover provides a range of training programs and learning resources that assist officials to engage with risk. Further information in relation to Comcover can be found on the Finance website.



    Finance provides:

    • a range of tools and support for procuring officials on the Procurement section of the Finance website.
    • a monthly Procurement Bulletin that includes topical procurement developments, future procurement events, and Commonwealth procurement employment opportunities. Register to be included on the mailing list.


    Grants management

    Finance periodically releases a publication primarily aimed at Commonwealth officials working in grants administration. Grants News provides information on what is new in Commonwealth grants and enables opportunities for entities to collaborate across portfolios.

    A suite of whole-of-government grant opportunity guideline templates has been developed to streamline processes. Whole-of-government grant agreement templates have also been developed for entities to use when entering into grants to provide a consistent standardised terms across government.

    Further information in relation to grants administration can be found on the grants section of the Finance website.

    Reporting and accounting

    For officials in Chief Finance Officer (CFO) areas, Finance holds the CFO Stewardship Forum to provide updates from key areas within Finance on current reporting and accounting issues impacting on Commonwealth entities.

    Further information in relation to the CFO Stewardship Forum can be found on the Finance website.

    Budget process

    An overview of the Budget Process can be found on the Budget section of the Finance website.

    Central Budget Managment

    Central Budget Management System (CBMS) training provides training for staff of Commonwealth entities who use, or will have to use, CBMS. Training sessions are scheduled according to the budget process timetable and user demand. Further information in relation to CBMS, including training and support, can be found on the Finance website.

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