Public Interest Certificates

Below is a list of Public Interest Certificates issued by the Department of Finance in accordance with s.22 of the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 (Cth).

Contract Number/Standing Order NumberName of procurementDate IssuedPublic Interest Certificate
FIN-PSCP-23Whole of Australian Government Property Services Coordinated Procurement Arrangements – Property Service Providers30/04/2024Download PDF
FIN-2024-MMA-RFTProcurement for the Whole of Australian Government Master Media Agency Arrangement28/03/2024Download PDF
PQRT21000784GovCMS whole of Australian Government content management and hosting services24/03/2023Download PDF
PQRT210001226Request for Proposal for the Provision of Web Application Protection Services (CDN, DDoS, WAF and Bot Management)2/12/2022Download PDF
FINTravel22-RFTTravel Management Services for the Australian Government21/11/2022Download PDF
FIN/PP02/22Phase2RFT People Panel for the Australian Government Phase 2 Labour Hire Services09/11/2022Download PDF
PQRT21000309Request for Tender in relation to the provision and support of a Digital Annual Reporting Tool, a Transparency Portal and a Performance Data Repository28/07/2022Download PDF
FIN/PP01/21 Phase1People Panel Phase 1: Recruitment and Search Services02/12/2021Download PDF
FIN/007/20RFTPhase3Management Advisory Services for the Australian Government - Phase 3 -Commercial Management Advisory Services22/10/2021Download PDF
FIN/007/20RFTPhase2Management Advisory Services for the Australian Government - Phase 2 -Corporate Management Advisory Services26/05/2021 
FIN/007/20RFTPhase1Management Advisory Services for the Australian Government - Phase 1 (Financial Management Advisory Services)08/12/2020 

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