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Hertz is the sole provider of Vehicle Rental Services to the Australian Government.


Under the Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) Vehicle Rental Services arrangement, Hertz provides the following products and services to participating entities:

  • A single supplier providing consistent processes, pricing and services;
  • Advantageous pricing, and terms and conditions of vehicle hire;
  • A large range of vehicles at over 250 locations Australia wide;
  • An efficient/streamlined/ process for the payment of tolls and provision of enhanced data;
  • Counter Express and Straight-to-Car services to make vehicle collection faster; and
  • Discounted international vehicle rental as an optional service.

The Hertz Counter Express product is a dedicated express pick-up service for Australian Government travellers at major airports. Counter Express replaces Hertz’ Gold Program. It is the fastest way to collect a pre-booked vehicles as travellers skip the counter and pick-up the car bays at selected major Hertz airport locations.

‘Straight-to-Car’ technology allows drivers to unlock their rental vehicles using a PIN, which is provided via SMS so travellers must include their mobile phone number in their QBT traveller profile. Where a vehicle does not include this technology, normal Counter Express service will be provided. Locations with vehicles with Straight-to-Car technology are listed on our Vehicle Rental FAQs page.



Initial Term

Exercised Extensions


Remaining Extensions

1 July 2018

3 Years

1x 2 Years

30 June 2024


Due to the commercially sensitive information contained within the Deed (e.g. pricing, service levels, and terms and conditions), the Deed is securely stored on GovTEAMS within the ‘WoAG Vehicle Rental Services’ community. Access to this community is limited to members of the Travel Teams within participating entities. To request access to this community, contact the WoAG Travel Team.

Booking Options

Vehicle rental booking can be created and managed through QBT or directly with Hertz:

  1. Online via QBT’s Online Booking Tool (OBT)
    QBT, through their Portal, provides participating entities access to their OBT, cytric, where rental vehicles can be booked. Travel Bookers are encouraged to use the OBT wherever possible, as this booking method is usually the most efficient way to book and manage travel. The OBT also allows Travel Bookers to add vehicle rental to air and/or hotel reservations to create a single itinerary.
  2. Online via the Hertz Portal
    Hertz provide participating entities access to their Hertz Portal Vehicles can be booked by entering their login credentials (available from entity’s Travel Management team). The Hertz Quick Guide sets out the process of making direct bookings using Hertz’ Online Booking Portal. Online retrieval of invoices is available via
  3. Offline (email or phone) through a QBT consultant or Hertz
    QBT and the Hertz team of experienced Travel Consultants are available via phone to assist Travellers with more complex requirements. Please refer to the WoAG Contacts Page for details.
  4. In person at a Hertz counter
    Travellers are able to hire a vehicle in person at a Hertz location counter. This is the least recommended method as availability for vehicles is not guaranteed. Travellers require their WoAG Traveller Profile to have been previously established, and to show identification and a driver’s licence to counter staff.


In additional to the above services, Hertz provide participating entities, the WoAG Travel Team and Account Manager/s, regular reporting data, reconciliation support services and operational issue resolution support.

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