Becoming a Private Sector Reviewer

The Department of Finance requires a range of specialist reviewers to undertake Gateway Reviews and Implementation Readiness Assessments. Being an Assurance Reviewer represents a unique opportunity to work on challenging, complex programs and projects across government and ultimately contribute to strategic public policy outcomes.

A Review Team usually consists of one Review Team Leader and three Review Team Members. Assurance Reviewers are selected for their extensive skills, expertise and relevant experience, and may be sourced from the public and private sectors. 

The Department of Finance maintains a register of Assurance Reviewers (the Register) for potential suppliers wishing to provide Assurance Reviewer services. All interested suppliers may submit their details to Finance to be added to the Register at any time.

An Assurance Review Team typically comprises of four members, including one designated Review Team Leader. A Review Team is selected afresh for each individual Assurance Review. Reviewers are typically selected from the Register based upon an assessment of relevant skills, expertise, experience, availability and value for money, taking into account any potential conflict of interest. The value for money assessment considers several factors including professional fees.

Assurance Reviewers will have demonstrated skills and expertise in a number of areas, such as: 

  • Public sector senior executive experience
  • Portfolio, program and project management
  • Business and policy
  • Information and communication technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Operational and service delivery 

To join the Register, please complete and submit the following documents electronically to

Finance is under no obligation to engage registered suppliers to undertake Assurance Reviews. This includes where Finance has initiated discussions with a registered supplier in relation to a particular Assurance Review.

Information submitted to Finance (including potential suppliers’ details, and personal information about supplier representatives and Assurance Reviewers) may be provided to other Commonwealth, State or foreign government entities on request, where those entities wish to engage Assurance Review services in those jurisdictions. More information about how Finance handles personal information is set out in our Privacy Policy.

Commonwealth Contract – Assurance Reviewer Services

When a supplier is selected to participate in an Assurance Review, Finance will seek to secure the services using a standardised contract, the ‘Commonwealth Contract – Assurance Reviewer Services’ [1.6 MB], which includes a description of services.

Please note that suppliers must hold the required insurance coverage and provide evidence to Finance prior to providing Assurance Reviewer services: 

  1. Public liability policy of insurance for an amount not less than $5 million per occurrence;
  2. Professional indemnity insurance for an amount not less than $1 million per claim and in the aggregate in any twelve-month period; and
  3. Workers’ compensation insurance as required by law. 

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