Pay - Card services

National Australia Bank (NAB) is the sole provider of Travel and Procurement Payments Services (TAPPS) to the Australian Government. 

Diners Club was the former supplier under the TAPPS Arrangement. In 2022, NAD finalised the Acquisition of Diners Club. In 2023, the TAPPS Dee was novated to NAB. 

Under the TAPPS Arrangement NAB providers the Australian Government a range of payment solutions, including virtual and physical card products and ricj transactional data. NAB’s products and systems are integrated with the other WoAG travel suppliers, including several expense and financial system providers, to streamline the delivery of travel programs. NAB also offer purchasing card solutions. 

CommencementInitial TermExtensions UsedExpiryRemaining Extensions
3 Years
1 x 2 years
December 2025
Up to 2 years

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