The new APS ERP approach

The Government’s new approach for the Australian Public Service to access competitive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

The new APS ERP approach replaces the Shared Services Transformation Program and sets the strategic direction for how the APS will manage its ERP corporate systems, underpinned by the principles of choice, market competition, and affordability.

ERP corporate systems are fundamental for Commonwealth entities to manage corporate back-office functions. The new approach will ensure the APS can manage its corporate responsibilities effectively and efficiently while continuing to fulfil its legal obligations.

The new approach acknowledges technology and market offerings have evolved presenting new opportunities for the APS to modernise its ERP solutions.

This approach is expected to increase competition in the ERP market and provide new opportunities for Australian small and medium businesses to sell ERP solutions to the APS.

The Government’s new approach includes:

Autonomy and choice

All non-corporate Commonwealth entities will have autonomy and choice to modernise ERP solutions using technology and vendors that best meet entity needs and budgets.

The new approach enables entities to self-assess individual ERP solution needs. Entities are encouraged to collaborate across Government to identify opportunities to achieve efficient and effective ERP uplifts.

Testing the market

The Digital Transformation Agency will test the market and establish an ERP Products and Service solutions category on the existing Software Marketplace.

The opportunity will be released through AusTender. Businesses who supply ERP solutions are encouraged to apply.

Once established, use of the ERP Products and Service solutions category on the Software Marketplace will be mandatory for non-corporate Commonwealth entities.

Existing sellers on the Software Marketplace who wish to supply ERP products and services under the Software Marketplace will need to apply for the new ERP Products and Service solutions category.  The new ERP Products and Service solutions category will cater for complete solutions as well as component and complementary services.

Support for smaller entities

A Project Management Office (PMO) will be established in the Department of Finance to support smaller entities understand uplift requirements and assist in choosing cost-effective solutions.

For the purposes of receiving PMO support, a smaller entity will be defined as having around 800 or less ASL, and with straightforward (or less complex) ERP requirements.

Delivering ongoing value from investment in GovERP

GovERP, will be renamed Services Australia ERP (SA ERP), and repurposed for use by Services Australia, and any entities who choose to use it.

An assessment of what has been achieved from investment in GovERP will be undertaken to identify what aspects can be reused. The assessment will produce a report and reference products to be made available through the Digital Transformation Agency’s Australian Government Architecture to support entities implement future cost effective ERP uplifts.

Transactional processing arrangements review

A review of existing transactional processing arrangements across the APS to support future policy development will be undertaken.

The new approach does not prevent entities from seeking or continuing to receive transactional services from existing transactional processing providers.

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