Information Sheet - Overseas Medical and Travel Assistance

Overseas Medical and Travel Assistance

Comcover provides a range of overseas medical and travel assistance services for Fund Members. The services are available to expatriates and overseas travellers of Fund Members and are provided through International SOS.1 International SOS provides Fund Members access to a dedicated Comcover assistance centre, clinics and health providers, local expertise, preventative advice, and emergency assistance during periods of critical illness, accident or civil unrest. International SOS’s network includes over 1,000 locations in 90 countries, providing 24-hour overseas medical and travel assistance services to Fund Members.

Membership Card

Travellers and expatriates should obtain an International SOS Comcover membership card and carry this with them at all times while overseas. The card can be provided though the Fund Member Comcover Insurance Contact and can be printed from the International SOS Comcover Membership Portal. The membership card details the Comcover membership number, the dedicated Comcover telephone number, and contact details for all other Assistance Centres.

Membership Number: 12ACMA000001

The Sydney Assistance Centre: +61 2 9273 2785

Services Available to Fund Members

Fund Members can access support from medical and security experts at the planning stages of a trip, during travel and for emergency situations overseas through a 24-hour International SOS Assistance Centre. This can include general advice, injury or illness, or pandemic and infectious disease information. A summary of the key services are provided below.

  1. Pre-travel Services:
    • The Sydney Assistance Centre provides pre-travel information relating to required vaccinations and medication or travel security concerns.
    • The International SOS Assistance App is available to facilitate more informed travel decisions based on medical and security reports and country travel risk guides. Users should register with their work email address.
    • Health and security email alerts.
  2. In-country Services:
    • Health, safety and security advice.
    • Access to medication, medical equipment, internationally trained doctors, nurses and security specialists at or near current location.
    • Travel advice on the loss of travel documents, legal assistance or assistance in financing medical expenses.
  3. Emergency Services:
    • Arranging medical transportation and care.
    • Monitoring a user’s health or security situation and providing advice along the way.
    • Evacuation services when necessary.

Fund Member Resources

Comcover Membership Portal:

The portal houses over 220 country and 440 city guides, containing medical and travel information, risk ratings, and alerts.2 A link to the portal is available on either the Comcover Launchpad or through International SOS. (Login with membership no.12ACMA000001).

Assistance App:

The International SOS Assistance App provides access to 24-hour medical and travel security information. The assistance app stores itineraries, facilitates one-touch dialling to the nearest assistance centre, contains medical, security and COVID-19 advice for any location, and notifies of precautionary and emergency alerts and advice in the local vicinity.


Tracker identifies personnel exposure, overlaid with the potential impact of medical and security incidents and all risks at destinations in which staff are currently located or due to be located. The platform allows managers to know where their travellers are at all times and can push communications to travellers to alert them to changing conditions and situations. Following a security incident, Tracker automates the first contact with travellers in the affected location via email, SMS, and text-to-speech, with nominated personnel receiving regular status updates.

Comcover Contacts

For further information, or to organise an education session for staff, please contact the International SOS account manager for Comcover:

Christien Smeja
Key Account Manager, Government Services

While International SOS provides medical and travel security services to Fund Members, they are not engaged to interpret policies or to make decisions about the level or type of cover. For advice and assistance relating to the Comcover Statement of Cover contact your entity's designated Comcover insurance contact.

1International SOS is Comcover’s contracted medical and travel assistance provider.

2It also includes the COVID-19 Impact Scale which assesses the current impact of the disease on domestic operations and inbound travel. Members can also subscribe to receive alerts and updates on countries of interest.

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