Department of Finance Heritage Strategy

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) requires Australian Government agencies that own or control one or more Commonwealth Heritage places to prepare and implement a Heritage Strategy. The property portfolio managed by Finance on behalf of the Australian Government comprises around 40 properties with significant heritage values.

Through the Department of Finance Heritage Strategy, Finance is committed to delivering sustainable heritage outcomes for Commonwealth property on behalf of current and future generations.

The Strategy promotes a practical approach to heritage management via integration of heritage considerations into relevant aspects of portfolio planning, contract management, property maintenance, works projects and divestment. It includes policies and commitments for the continued development of heritage assessments and management plans, training and awareness, heritage impact assessment, and a monitoring approach to evaluate compliance with the Strategy heritage commitments.

The Finance Secretary endorsed the Department of Finance Heritage Strategy on 19 November 2014. The delegate for the Minister for the Environment has confirmed that the Strategy addresses the legislative requirements of the EPBC Act.

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